Sunday, October 16, 2016

Museo Pambata Venue Rental Packages

I was given a Museo Pambata flyer from one of the events I've attended so I decided to share it here for everyone's reference especially those who are canvassing for party venues.

 Simply click on the images to get a bigger/clearer view to make them readable. 

Museo Pambata
Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive
523-1797 to 98, 536-0595

Monday, October 10, 2016

Making Christmas Shopping Easy with Catalogue Credit Cards

Christmas is just around the corner and chances are, you already have drafted your Christmas gift list, and the only thing that you are waiting for is the holiday bonus to get started on shopping. For people who unfortunately are in a bit of a bind with money issues, the thought of the holidays approaching will bring more stress than excitement. Fortunately, there are ways to get around with it.

If like most people, you are having problems with coming up with a budget for holiday shopping, there are ways to still give gifts this season. Aside from doing handmade gifts, sending out cards and spending time with loved ones, you can still buy them gifts within what you can pay by purchasing from website shopping catalogues no credit check required that allows you to shop on credit and pay monthly terms or on installment basis.

However, don’t assume that shopping using catalogue credit cards gives you freedom to blow your budget on shopping for everything. Remember that you would still have to pay for them. It just gives you an opportunity to still be able to buy gifts even if you don’t have the spending budget for it at the moment.

How do catalogue credit cards work?

Basically, catalogue shopping companies offer a variety of products and offer them online. To make shopping easier for their customers, they offer credit cards that you can use on their web site. Note that your credit account will only work on purchases made on their web site.

They offer catalogues with credit accounts so that customers will be able to spread the cost of purchases by doing term payments. Purchases can be paid for on a monthly basis with a fixed interest rate. You can also even choose to “Buy Now & Pay Later”, depending on the agreement or offer they are having.

What makes catalogue credit cards so appealing and pro-consumer is that they usually approve even people with a bad credit history. The approval limit might be a bit lower at first, but with regular purchases and timely payments, this gets lifted sooner than later. An added bonus is that this is a way for them to earn positive credit rating points and slowly rebuild their credit history.

Applications vary between shopping catalogue sites but they usually only require proof of your identity, residence, monthly income and an active bank account. Processing time is short too, so you get to shop in no time.

Shop using catalogue credit cards

To save time on shopping, shop online. Better yet, shop from catalogue web sites. Their variety of products and idea bundles allows you to shop for everyone stress-free. Consider them your one-stop shop for your holidays gifts. Apply for catalogue credit cards and be able to map out your shopping budget and even have leeway to buy something really nice for yourself too!.

Holiday shopping need not be a stressful and frustrating experience. Catalogue web sites think of all the gift ideas for you and even give you an option to make shopping payments easier!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things to Consider in Planning Your Hotel Staycation

The holidays is right round the corner and I’m pretty sure having a hotel staycation with your family is running around your mind lately. My family and I had our previous staycations within the Metro and from our experiences, allow me to share with you some things to consider to help you plan your staycation.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Unboxing Japan Fun Box

Last week, I received a post card from Paranaque Post Office that a parcel is waiting for me to be picked up. So within the week, I had someone pick it up at the post office, paid P90+ for the fees, and to my excitement, a Japan Fun Box straight from Japan was waiting for me to be reviewed. We were so excited to open it most especially my kids who couldn't wait to see what's inside.

Just an overview, the Japan Fun Box or Japanese Candy and Snack box is a subscription box from Japan where you may receive monthly Japanese snack goodies right at your doorstep. They offer three types of boxes depending on the contents you want; the more the contents, the higher the monthly fee is.

Here's a graphic illustration on how it works: 

 Now,  let's check out below what's inside the Japan Fun Box they sent me: 

This is the box

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Toddler Does Not Drink Her Medicine

After my daughter's 3-day hospitalization due to her acute bronchitis, her pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic, Cefuroximeaxetil,  that she should take twice a day when we get home. We didn't think much of it. We simply purchased it and after dinner time, I tried to let her drink it. I never thought I would have any problems with it until she tasted the antibiotic - and  she really, really hated it. This is the first time we experienced this kind of reaction from her. She couldn't drink the rest of the medicine from the teaspoon even with water. She even spits the water out. She cried so hard and she even pooped because of her resisting the medicine. We did manage to let her drink some of it, but that's that. By the way, she is only 4 years old. 

The medicine that my little tot dislikes very much
Then morning came and she needs to drink the antibiotic once again. We thought it would be different this time thinking that she would accept it, but it's the same as before. She still cried hard. She held on to me and she waited for the medicine to somewhat disappear. My husband and I thought that our nightmare would end the moment we checked out the hospital. We didn't think that we would still have problems when we get home such as letting her drink it. So like before, we managed to let her drink some of the medicine, but not the full dosage. That's the time we decided to go back to her pediatrician because we know this can't continue. 

Thankfully, her doctor is available during the afternoon so we went to her office right away for a consult. We explained to the doctor our predicament. After hearing our story, she also told us that she had a patient who had the similar experience. The patient really disliked the antibiotic, but they were able to let him/her drink it. But we insisted that our daughter really hated it and asked if she could prescribe a more "flavorful" medicine for her. I was so relieved that she prescribed a new one, an orange-flavored antibiotic named Cefixime. We will still go back on Thursday to observe the effects on her because the doctor isn't sure if the effect will be the same. So we decided to go with it because we really didn't have a choice. 

During night time, we let her drink it and to our relief, the experience was a breeze.  She liked the taste so we had no problem on letting her drink it. This antibiotic is 400 pesos more expensive than the last one, but it's all worth it as long as my daughter drinks it without hassle. I just hope its effect is the same or better than the original prescribed medicine. 

So there you have it. If your little one doesn't like the medicine, tell your pediatrician right away and see if he/she can prescribe a different one to prevent unpleasant experiences that can hinder your child's health development.