Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beware of Jay-M Tire Supply’s Cashier

I really hate writing negative posts about anything, but this I really feel  I need to share. Yesterday, we went to Jay-M Tire Service to buy 2 tires for my husband’s car which was P2,300 each. An added service of wheel alignment service for P300. The total price was P4,900. My husband gave the cashier P6,000 and the cashier gave him P100 change.  My husband thinking that the total was P5,900, he accepted the P100 and we drove away. A few minutes later after realizing that the change was not enough, we came back to the shop and talked to the cashier telling her that she only gave P100 change which should be P1,100. 

The cashier was defensive that she counted the money in front of my husband which SHE DIDN’T and she was the first one who raised her voice as if she was hiding something. Unfortunately, since we didn’t have any proof that she did took the extra P1,000, we just went home. My husband was so upset back then because P1,000 is a huge amount of money, but he did admit that it was partly his fault for not counting the money. He said, “Pamasko ko nalang sa kanila yun.” 

It was really frustrating and my tummy started to hurt because of the stress from the incident. So next time, be sure to double check everything – the change, the money you give, etc. 

So please BEWARE of Jay-M Tire Supply store located at 8218 Dr. A Santos Avenue, San Isidro, Sucat, Paranaque City.