Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lazada Unilever Mid Year Sale

Enjoy exclusive treats and interact with your favorite celebrities at the Unilever mid-year sale! 

Happening only in Lazada this July 18-25.

MANILA, JULY 2018–Fans of Lazada and Unilever are definitely in for a mid-year treat! This July 18-25, Lazada and Unilever will be giving away heaps of surprises from the country’s iconic and favorite brands:Tresemme, Surf, St. Ives, Dove, Pond’s, Cream Silk, Pureit and a lot more!

Just visit to see what’s in store for shoppers at this exclusive mid-year shopping spree:


• Destress your tresses with Tresemme:Enjoy runway ready hair with up to 30% OFF on Tresemme’sstyling products & up to 50% OFF on Tresemme’s Platinum Strength range
• Get your glow on with treats from St. Ives, Pond’s & Dove.
o Feed your skin with our yummy St. Ives deals up to 40% OFF
o Get first dibs on limited edition Pond’s giftsets for as low as PHP 150 & up to 50% OFF on regular items
o Nourish your skin & hair with up to 30% OFFon Dove products
• Get ultimately beautifulhair with Cream Silk:
o Buy the NEW Cream Silk Triple Keratin Range –3x the keratin in one ultimate solution
• Celebrate what it means to be a REAL MOM with Baby Dove:
o Grab new,limited edition Baby Dove bundles with insulated lunchbox for as low as PHP 797
• Awesome deals from Surf, Breeze & Knorr
o Always have fresh & clean laundry with up to 30% OFF on Surf and Breeze products
o Get a chance to win a Whirlpool washing machine when you purchase any of the Home Care Packages
o Whip-up delicious meals with discounted Knorr & Lady’s Choice bundles- up to 25% OFF
• Always have clean & safe drinking water with Pureit. Get 20% on all Pureit Products.

EVERYDAY SURPRIZES:The first daily100 shoppers to use the code “ULMIDYR20” will automatically get a prize from Lazada*! Which of these freebies will shoppers go crazy over?
o Tresemme Split Repair Shampoo 340ml
o Breeze Rose Gold Perfume 650g
o Simple Micellar Water 400ml
o St. Ives Face Scrub Blackhead Clearing Green Tea 6oz
o Baby Dove Sampling Kit
o Manifesto Box with Axe, Pond’s Men, Clear, Dove Men + Care, Master freebies
o Surf Cherry Blossom 2.2 kg
o Simple Hydrating Moisturizer 125ml
*Winners to be announced and selected by Lazada


July 19 | 12:00 noon –FB Live with Dimples Romana for Pureit. If you’re lucky, you can win 1 of the 3PureitExcella units up for a raffle! Each unit is worth PHP 4,998 !

July 20 | 3:00 PM –FB Live with Jessica Wilson for Tresemme. Lucky fans will receive a special surprise Tresemme and Jess herself!

But wait, there’s more!
Shoppers can get an additional 20% OFF on their basket* by simply using the voucher code ULMIDYR20
*Minimum purchase of PHP 1,000 worth of participating Unilever items. Valid for one-time use only

All roads lead to the #ULMidYrSale #LAZxULMidYrSale! Remember to visit this page from Jul 18-25:

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Getting A Convertible Car Seat For Your Baby

Image Credit: Pinterest
The safety of a child is important; therefore, one of the first essentials you will need to have to ensure that your baby is safe in a car is a car seat. From the first day, a child is driven home from the hospital till the 10th birthday or thereabouts, a car seat is a must.

Apart from being one of the first to be purchased, it is also one of those reliable products you will depend on for several years. With that in mind, getting a well-designed and durable car seat that will last through the years is not a bad idea. It is impressive to know that car seats come with a seat belt buckle holder to ensure that your baby is properly strapped to the seat.

Deciding on the brand to buy is usually a herculean task with so many manufacturers and models on the market. Here are factors you need to consider to assist you in making the right decision on the convertible car seat for your little one.

The first thing many people look at before making any purchase is the price. You will have to see what you can afford before you even think of buying. When it comes to car seats, the more the features, the higher the price. This means that if your budget is low, you may have to consider only the features you really need and overlook some others.

It is a no-brainer that buying a convertible car seat that will serve you through the years is better. Therefore, while you may want to go for something cheap, you have to consider its durability. Buying a car seat that will not last means, you are planning on buying another one in the future, and that means spending more than expected. Plan to make a good investment in purchasing a car seat as it is worth every dime.

You can decide to go for either a new or used model.  You can get used car seats through particular online auction house websites and real-life garage sales. However, the challenges that come with buying a used car seat is that you have no idea if it was involved in an accident in the past or if the stitching, padding, and straps are still in place.

     Removable Padding
Kids will always be kids and so are bound to mess up the seats. We recommend you get a car seat that allows you to conveniently remove the padding, wash it and put it back so that the seats can be kept neat at all times.

Car seats weight between 12 - 30 pounds; if you want a car seat that will be installed permanently, then you may go for something heavy. Else, it is advisable to go with a not-so-heavy car seat for ease of moving it around. So, it’s up to you.

What are you waiting for? Go get your convertible car seats!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Watch Out For These Pests While Traveling

Summers and springs are a great traveling time for people who love to spend their time outdoors. You can go on long hikes and enjoy the beauty of nature. But with these exciting plans comes the risk of pests that might spoil you fun-trip. So here are a few pests that you need to watch out while you are traveling. It will help you know how to avoid them.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Keeping the Spark Alive for New Parents

Image Credit: Pixabay
During the first few months of welcoming a new baby, couples take a lot of time learning the ropes of parenting and sharing their home – sometimes their bedroom – with their little one. The baby needs attention, and the parents need to read baby books, cook, do the laundry and get used to waking up before sunrise.

With so many things to do, it’s no wonder parents have no time for each other and eventually drift apart. The good news is, you don’t have to fall into the same category as you can still find time to nurture a bond with your partner.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Karaoke at Home: How to Make Your Laptop A Karaoke Machine

To have the best karaoke experience, you primarily need to have a microphone, a song source, and excellent speakers. The only difference between karaoke videos (videoke) and other song tracks is that the lyrics are shown on the screen. These lyrics are taken out from its audio file. You can make a selection of songs from Youtube, iTunes, etc. and play them on a karaoke.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Vivo and Qualcomm Collaborate on Breakthrough 5G Antenna Technology

Two mobile pioneers accelerate 5G development by integrating new 5G millimeter wave technologies with sub-6 GHz into a single commercial form factor

Shenzhen, China, 22 June 2018 – Vivo today has detailed its collaboration with Qualcomm to address a critical 5G development milestone with their ground-breaking 5G antenna technology. This collaboration has resulted in the victorious design and integration of new 5G mm-Wave (millimeter wave) antenna arrays into a Vivo commercial form factors well as the measurement of system-level OTA (over-the-air) performance.

This milestone is significant as the arrival of 5G is creating major design challenges for smartphone manufacturers and network operators. To fully support the rollout of 5G services, even greater complexity and tougher requirements have been added to antenna designs and technologies.

For end users, mm-Wave technology can attain higher data rates to enable the 5G peak data rate of around 10-20 times higher than that of existing 4G LTE technology, providing a better wireless experience especially with AR, VR, AI, and UHD (ultra-high definition) video applications.

“Through this landmark cooperation between Vivo and Qualcomm, Vivo's industry leadership and innovation on 5G mm-Wave antenna design will contribute to creating optimal devices for end users,” said Dr. Huan-Chu Huang, Antenna Technical Director/ Principal Antenna Expert at Vivo.“After this successful completion of 5G mm-Wave antenna design and measurement based on a Vivo commercial form factor, consumers will soon see the next round of new device designs offering superior performance benefits and a taste of the next generation mobile experience.”

It is expected that both 5G sub-6 GHzand mm-Wave antenna technology will be deployed in every major market around the world, with some markets by 2019 and others to follow in 2020. Beyond this collaboration, according to Dr. Huan-Chu Huang, Vivo is also proactively applying for patents and publishing international research papers on mm-Wave antenna designs to prepare for the arrival of 5G age.

This latest innovation is another example of Vivo’s dedication to break new ground and to lead in critical industry initiatives such as 5G development. “From the early days of WiGigto 5G mm-Wave today, Vivo has been focused on deep studies and solid works on mm-Wave antenna designs and technologies. This successful development of 5G mm-Wave antenna array technology for smartphones denotes a further progression of Vivo’s accumulation of industry-leading technology breakthroughs and capabilities,” said Dr. Huan-Chu Huang

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for consumers around the world. Vivo currently has several R&D centers worldwide, including the United States (San Diego), and China (Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Beijing). As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. 

More information about our innovative smartphones can be found at

Monday, June 25, 2018

Benefits of Barley Grass Powder From Beauty MNL

When I first heard about Beauty MNL, my first impression was they sell only cosmetics, which I am not a big fan of. What I didn't know was they also offer more than that. Upon checking their website, I discovered they also have health and wellness products which piqued my interest. Beauty and wellness do come together so it does make a lot of sense. 

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