Cake2Go's Devil's Food Cheesecake and More

Last May 21, my sister bought me a cake from Cake2Go as her birthday present for me. I actually insisted to buy a cake from Cake2Go so we could finally taste some of their cakes. 

 Devil's Food Cheesecake 
This cake doesn't impress too much when it comes presentation. It actually doesn't look tempting at this angle.

 Yes, we ruined the cake :P According to Cake2Go's shop, the description of this cake is: layers of rich choco cake filled with their baked New York Cheesecake (the white layer)  topped off with fudge frosting, white and bittersweet chocolate thorns and dusted with cocoa powder. I guess that says it all. 

 After tasting this cake, I actually loved it. It's a good combination of cheesecake and chocolate. It's like eating chocolate mousse cheesecake. One flaw of this cake is the white chocolate bars placed at the side of the cake. The white chocolate tasted horrible so I didn't eat it.

 This is Cake2Go's famous Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. This cake really tastes good. My sister even said it almost tasted like one of the cheesecakes in UCC Coffee Shop. I really recommend this one.

Nestle Crunch Cake
This cake disappoints me. The frosting was all right, but the chiffon cake was too dry.  I will not buy this cake again.

Cake2Go website:

san juan - 4142585 / 0922-890 2253
timog - 3325309 / 0922-893 2253
banawe - 4105714 / 0922-844 2253
katipunan - 4381513 / 0922-891 2253
paranaque - 8253257 / 0922-8 2253 68
don antonio - 3516288 / 0922-8 2253 63


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