Friday, May 27, 2011

Excelente Ham on My Birthday (Why not?)

Excelente hams is a bit expensive and you have to go all the way to Palanca St. in Quiapo to get some, but IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!! This ham has been a family favorite for generations and people really wait in line just to buy their hams especially during the holidays.
But why wait for the holidays to taste their hams? Excelente ham is open all year round so I decided to buy some for my birthday :D 

 Excelente Scrap Ham (P700 per kilo) 
I decided to buy their scrap ham as recommended by sister's friend. It seems like I'm the only one in the family who finds it so-so because my entire family just loves it. It has a smoky-rich taste and the texture is not too dry. Maybe I'm just not the scrap-ham-lover type of person.

Excelente Chinese Ham with Mixed Sauce (900 per kilo)
Now, this is my favorite ham! Yes, I admit I have a sweet tooth and I just love sweets, and that includes sweet ham! Well, actually, this ham is not that sweet. It just has the right hint of sweetness from the sauce and the authentic smoky flavor of the ham is still there. I just love this.

Excelente Ham
Palanca St., Quiapo
Business hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday to Sunday

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