Thursday, June 30, 2011

Classic Savory in Festival Mall

I think I have already posted 2 blogs about Classic Savory restaurant, but this post is about Savory's branch in Festival Mall, Alabang. We always dine here whenever we go to Festival Mall because their fried chicken is my hubby's favorite and they always serve freshly cooked food.

 A compilation of old Filipino movie posters.

 The venue is not that big, but not too small either. Capacity is around 50 to 75 people. 

 Their refreshing coolers.

 We always order this combo meal. This combo includes 2 cups of rice, their award-winning pancit canton, half Savory fried chicken, sweet & sour pork , 2 pcs of turon (dessert), and 2 coolers.
(Php385 - good for 2 people)

No fried chicken is complete without the gravy!

Their restaurant is located at the ground floor of Festival Mall near Greenwich and Chowking. You will see waiters and waitresses waiting outside to accommodate people.  Friendly staff, good food and good service!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cara Mia's Mango Sans Rival

Yesterday was Father's Day and since my hubby doesn't like chocolate cakes nor cheesecakes, I decided to buy Cara Mia's Mango Sans Rival gelato cake since Sans Rival is his all-time favorite cake.

The Mango Sans Rival Gelato cake is made up of meringue wafer alternately layered with mango and sans rival gelato with sliced mangoes and chocolate curls on top. I wasn't able to capture the chocolate curls because my son ate them right away.

Sad to say, my husband did not like this cake because it was too sweet for him and I agree. The meringue wafers were not crunchy and the mangoes tasted like ice. It was also a hassle for us to take it home because the allotted travel time is 1 hour before the cake melts. I should have bought a Tiramisu or a real sans rival cake instead.

Whole Cake: P600
Slice: P95

Cara Mia website:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Casual Dining at Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy)

Last night, my husband and I decided to have dinner at Chic-Boy here in BF Homes because we've never tried dining in their restaurant. Whenever we pass by their resto, we noticed that they never seem to run out of customers and so we decided to check what the fuss was about.

 While waiting for our order, I decided to take a few pics of the resto. It's a bit hard to notice in the pic above, but in the actual site, you'll see smoke all around the resto. It doesn't seem to bother the customers much though. The resto was airconditioned, by the way.

 Condiments on the table.

 My husband's order: Cebu Lechon Manok (P99). 
It's Rice-All-You-Can. Just add P25 for a bottomless iced tea. 
My husband's verdict: "It's not worth it." The chicken, no question, was indeed delicious, but for the price of P99 (without drinks), he said that he can already order a chicken joy meal at Jollibee with drinks at a cheaper price. He also added that the size of the chicken was a bit small.

 Side Order: Pancit Canton (P44)
 Very good and very flavorful. Definitely a good merienda treat or a chicken/liempo side dish.

 Chiquito Meal: Breaded Pork Chop (P70)
I was quite surprised to see this because the pork chop didn't look like this in their menu photo. 
As for the taste, it was so-so. Their mushroom gravy with toasted garlic did taste good, but the pork chop was just like any other homemade breaded pork chop.

Ah, yes. They do offer desserts and my son chose a scoop of chocolate ice cream. (P30).

All in all, the experience was just so-so. There's no "wow, sarap!" factor in the food that we ordered. For me, it's best that you order a whole Cebu lechon manok (210)  or a whole Cebu liempo (P160) for take out and enjoy it at home because it's worth the price than dining in.

For take outs, they wrap the chicken/liempo in a foil to keep the flavor intact. Their chicken and liempo are just so good and I highly recommend them.

Just one bad experience that we had last night in the BF Homes branch was when we were leaving the place, we had a flat tire because of the sharp edge of the gutter in their parking area. We had to vulcanize the tire to fix the hole. I hope they fix their parking area most especially the gutters to prevent casualties. 

Well, the next time we'll come here, we'll probably just walk since it's just walking distance to our home.

Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy)
27 President's Ave., Tahanan Village,
Brgy BF Homes, Paranque City

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Magnolia Frozen Delights

I have decided to create a separate post to publish my simple reviews on Magnolia's (affordable) new frozen delights that was introduced to us during Magnolia's Summer Bloggers' Party last April 1, 2011.  

Magnolia Spinner (Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate) is Magnolia's newest frozen delight selection that was introduced during the party. Similar to Selecta's Cornetto, it's an ice cream cone with chocolate ripple and topped with nuts. 

I was able to taste it, but it was during the ice cream eating contest during the blogger's party so I wasn't able to totally savor the flavor.  I plan to taste one at home from the frozen delights giveaways that Magnolia gave us and take pictures of it, but my brother ate the Spinners while I was sleeping!! Grrr...*sigh* Well, i guess it just shows how good they taste :D 

Magnolia Fun Bar (Flavors: Cotton Candy, Cool Bubblegum, Choco Loco).  Ice Cream on Stick (ICOS) dipped in chocolate dip that comes in different colors. 

My son loves this one. I made him choose which ice cream he would like to eat and he chose this. I think it's the cute colors that attracted him to it. 

We tried the cotton candy and as we opened it, we can already smell the cotton candy scent from it and,  surprisingly, it did taste like cotton candy! Flavor is very rich and texture is quite thick.  I really recommend this one for the kids especially for kiddie parties.

Sweetie Bites (Flavors: Cookies & Cream and Cheesy Bliss) . Ice Cream on Stick (ICOS) with inclusions like cookies and cheese. 

I was able to try the Cookies & Cream flavor and it did not disappoint since it's simply just Magnolia's cookies & cream ice cream on a stick. Their ice creams taste good by themselves, but I would still recommend the Fun Bars because of their unique flavors and cool colors.

Popsies (Flavors: Choco Cool, Orange Chill). Ice lollies! I remember when I was a kid, when I'm thirsty and there's no water around, my mom would buy me twin popsies to somehow quench my thirst. And they do indeed. 

I was a bit skeptical before trying it because I know ice lollies usually taste bland or watery, but after tasting  Orange Chill, it was like licking an orange-flavored "palamig." It's really "refreshingly good." I personally prefer the orange flavor than the choco.  In addition, their size is quite huge or long. When my son was eating Choco Cool, he would request for a plate to put the ice lolly because his arm was tired carrying one ice lolly on one hand. He said, "Mommy, bigat." I chuckled and assisted him. 

Pinipig Crunch!!! ( Flavors: Vanila Crisp, Sweet Corn) This has been a family favorite from then until now. Too bad they don't have the chocolate flavor anymore, though. What's surprising is their new flavor of Pinipig Crunch, the Sweet Corn. This is my new favorite frozen delight. It's really a cool and delicious treat! The flavor is just bursting with rich corn goodness!!! It really caught the sweet corn flavor. My mom loves it, too.

"We are after the quality, not the price."  This is what Mr. Mayo Alcon, General Manager of Magnolia Ice Cream, said during the Magnolia Summer Blogger's Party. I was nodding after he said this because as a mom and a food fanatic, I'm also after the quality of what me and my child eats so, somehow,  I understand his statement quite well.   Mr. Alcon made a simple speech from Magnolia's history to the Magnolia-Nestle merge up to Magnolia being independent again up to Magnolia having a newly opened plant in Laguna where every Magnolia ice cream products are made with tender loving care.  :) 

Mr. Alcon was also kind enough to answer questions after his speech. A blogger asked if Magnolia will release "Flavor of the Month" ice creams once again like before, but Mr. Alcon basically said that they haven't reached to the point where they can release "Flavor of the Month" ice creams yet so we won't be seeing any of that any time soon.   Magnolia is currently ranked number 3 in the market, Mr. Alcon further explains, because of the fact that the masses are after cheaper ice creams like Selecta and Nestle and I can't blame them. P10 or P20 peso difference is a big deal already for the budget-conscious consumers. 

As for me, I personally love the product because I grew up loving it and I still love it because their ice creams never fail to satisfy me and my family's dessert cravings. Let me add that I have tasted Selecta's latest thick ice creams and they tasted weird. The flavor doesn't linger in my mouth long enough so I would have to get another bite again and again until I'd finished my cup not being satisfied with what I ate. I was quite disappointed.

Well, I'm not going to end this post by convincing you to buy Magnolia ice creams because the purpose of this post is to inform, not to sell; so it's still up to you.  But I do suggest that you try them and taste the difference. 
This photo was taken in Alabang Supermarket :)

I personally recommend the following flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, apple strudel (limited edition), double dutch, buttery corn, coffee vienna. I haven't tasted the rest of the flavors yet, but I will soon. *sigh* many to choose from...

For more info about Magnolia, you can visit their site at

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coffee and Mister Donut from 7-Eleven

I was craving for coffee since this morning and when I decided to go to 7/11 to pick up an item, I decided to try their Mocha Cappuccino. Of course, coffee is best teamed with a snack so I decided to buy some Mister Donut donuts (also found inside 7/11).

 7/11's Mocha Cappuccino (small) is Php40.00. 
It has a funny aftertaste and I do not recommend this if you're a coffee lover/critic.

Mister Donut Swakto Donuts (6 small pieces)  is worth Php35.00. 
This is good for 2-3 people only. I still think it's worth it.

There are tons of stuff you can buy inside 7-Eleven and I think this establishment is a blessing especially during the holidays where all stores are closed and you just need to buy some basic groceries. 7-Eleven is always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

P.S. What I don't like from 7-Eleven BF Homes branch is they only sell Selecta ice creams. They don't sell Magnolia frozen delights.

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