Friday, June 10, 2011

Casual Dining at Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy)

Last night, my husband and I decided to have dinner at Chic-Boy here in BF Homes because we've never tried dining in their restaurant. Whenever we pass by their resto, we noticed that they never seem to run out of customers and so we decided to check what the fuss was about.

 While waiting for our order, I decided to take a few pics of the resto. It's a bit hard to notice in the pic above, but in the actual site, you'll see smoke all around the resto. It doesn't seem to bother the customers much though. The resto was airconditioned, by the way.

 Condiments on the table.

 My husband's order: Cebu Lechon Manok (P99). 
It's Rice-All-You-Can. Just add P25 for a bottomless iced tea. 
My husband's verdict: "It's not worth it." The chicken, no question, was indeed delicious, but for the price of P99 (without drinks), he said that he can already order a chicken joy meal at Jollibee with drinks at a cheaper price. He also added that the size of the chicken was a bit small.

 Side Order: Pancit Canton (P44)
 Very good and very flavorful. Definitely a good merienda treat or a chicken/liempo side dish.

 Chiquito Meal: Breaded Pork Chop (P70)
I was quite surprised to see this because the pork chop didn't look like this in their menu photo. 
As for the taste, it was so-so. Their mushroom gravy with toasted garlic did taste good, but the pork chop was just like any other homemade breaded pork chop.

Ah, yes. They do offer desserts and my son chose a scoop of chocolate ice cream. (P30).

All in all, the experience was just so-so. There's no "wow, sarap!" factor in the food that we ordered. For me, it's best that you order a whole Cebu lechon manok (210)  or a whole Cebu liempo (P160) for take out and enjoy it at home because it's worth the price than dining in.

For take outs, they wrap the chicken/liempo in a foil to keep the flavor intact. Their chicken and liempo are just so good and I highly recommend them.

Just one bad experience that we had last night in the BF Homes branch was when we were leaving the place, we had a flat tire because of the sharp edge of the gutter in their parking area. We had to vulcanize the tire to fix the hole. I hope they fix their parking area most especially the gutters to prevent casualties. 

Well, the next time we'll come here, we'll probably just walk since it's just walking distance to our home.

Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy)
27 President's Ave., Tahanan Village,
Brgy BF Homes, Paranque City

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