Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spam Slammer Lunch

I was going around Pergolla Mall in BF Homes looking for a place where I could find a reasonably priced lunch. My budget was only P60.  Jollibee is out of the question because I'm so fed up eating there. I guess I was looking for something different... and this is what I found:

 At the second floor of the mall, I found this food stand called Spam Slammer. 
Spam Slammer basically serves Spam sandwiches,Spam with rice and more. In case you don't know what Spam is, Spam is like a canned luncheon meat, but better and more expensive. It is a canned precooked meat product made by Hormel Foods Corporation. You can see these Spam canned goods everywhere in grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide ranging from the price of P95 to P150 depending on the flavor.

 Their menu.

 I ordered Spam with egg sandwich (P30) and sago gulaman (P5) at the Siomai stand right beside Spam Slammer. The sandwich was really good. It sort of reminded me of my high school days.

Out of curiosity, I also ordered Spam Musubi (P25). It's simply made up of rice (I was hoping it was Japanese rice, but it's wasn't) and 1 slice of Spam partially wrapped together with nori (seaweed). It was so-so.  I should have ordered the one with egg.

All in all, it was decent meal. I seldom eat Spam at home because, like i said, it's quite expensive. For 99 pesos, I can already buy 8 cans of sardines or 5 CDO SeaQuest Tuna (my favorite). But to satisfy my Spam cravings without the guilt ( for my budget ), Spam Slammer is the best place to go.

Spam Slammer
2nd Floor, Pergola Mall
BF Homes, Paranaque

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cielin's Cake House: A Goldmine of Good Cakes & Cupcakes

After bringing my son to school, I walked going to Robinson's Supermarket to claim my order of empanada that I bought from Ensogo. They were good actually. But this blog is not about those empanadas, but about a good cake house I found while going to my destination and its name is Cielin's Cake House! Apparently, they've been around for a long time. But since we don't always go to that area of BF Homes, we never got a chance to taste their pastries...until NOW.

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