Cielin's Cake House: A Goldmine of Good Cakes & Cupcakes

After bringing my son to school, I walked going to Robinson's Supermarket to claim my order of empanada that I bought from Ensogo. They were good actually. But this blog is not about those empanadas, but about a good cake house I found while going to my destination and its name is Cielin's Cake House! Apparently, they've been around for a long time. But since we don't always go to that area of BF Homes, we never got a chance to taste their pastries...until NOW.

Okay, where do I start. I'm so excited to share it that I don't know what to show you first. Well, I'll just show everything:
This is their sign that caught my attention.. 

Cupcakes: Mocha (P18), Mangoes (Php20) & Cream, Pineapple-Carrot (P18), and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (P15). I've tasted them all and they all tasted good! My personal fave is their mocha cupcakes. Their cupcakes are so soft and they're not too sweet. They're a perfect match for tea/coffee in the afternoon. 

Their sooo good chocolate cupcakes found below the pic is P17 each. They're the ones being displayed for sale in Shopwise, Sucat. I just love them. They're just sooo soft and sooo yummy. 

Chicken Pie (P 26)

Strawberry cupcake (P18), Banana-Carrot (P13), Walnut Tarts
I haven't tried the walnut tarts yet, but my mom said it was a bit sweet. The strawberry cupcakes were my sister's favorite because she said they looked like the ones in Strawberry Shortcake's (the cartoon) cupcakes.  I tasted them they were good, too. It  also got some strawberry jam (or something like it) inside.
More pastries: Brownies (P140/box; 12.50/pc), Mango Bar (P140/box; 12.50/pc), Lemon Square (P150/box, 15/pc). 
I haven't tasted any of these yet. 

Cakes: Mango Torte (P350), Oreo Cheesecake (P560 whole/P90 per slice),  Brazo de Mercedes (P150 half/ P280 whole)

Tiramisu (P220 half/ P420 whole)
I haven't tasted them yet, but I definitely will soon. 
Mango Cake (P360)
I like this cake. I don't love it, but I like it. It's made up of light vanilla chiffon topped with cream and mango bits. I have to say that their mango bits were so good and fresh. I ate a slice partnered with tea, and it was such a refreshing afternoon treat. My hubby (who doesn't like chocolate cakes and cheesecakes) loves this cake, too.

A slice of the Mango cake taken by my sister, Mari. Check out her blog for more details about the cake at Just look at those mangoes and cream in the middle!

Chocolate Cake (P375)
Their classic chocolate cake is one of  Manila's Top 10 Best Desserts of 2007.  Whenever I go to Cielin's, someone is always buying a chocolate cake for a birthday celebration. I tasted a slice and, now, I know why. Even though it's not topped with chocolate ganache or anything fancy like that, this cake is simply good and it instantly satisfies your chocolate cravings.  If you want a simple yet soft and delicious chocolate cake, this is the one; a simple choco chiffon cake with chocolate icing - very, very simple. You can also request to write a B-day message on the cake for free.

Walnut Pie (P380). They have a Sans Rival sign, but no display. 

Another pic by my sister, Mari, of Cielin's Lemon Meringue Torte (P390)

Layers of meringue mixed with plenty of cream and lemon. It's light and a bit sweet, but I still like it. My husband also like this one.

More details can be found at Mari's blog at

 Pandan Cake (P350). Pic taken by Mari.

An advance order is needed for this cake. Pandan flavored chiffon topped with chocolate shavings with butter icing at the side. I don't know if the icing is pandan flavored because I wasn't able to taste the Pandan flavor from it. Instead, I could taste the buttery taste from it. All in all, this is a good cake.

Ensaymada (P18), Nutty White Chocochip Cookies

Cinnamon Rolls (P18) and other cookies. 

Chocochip Cookies (P125)

 A box of assorted cupcakes. Perfect as a gift or potlucks.

Pardon the bite mark on the walnut tart. My mom just couldn't resist :P
It really brings out the child in me whenever I see this picture. It looks great, doesn't it? There's also a cheese tart on the upper left corner. I also recommend that one. Actually, I recommend all their cupcakes and muffins. I like them more than Sonja's (sorry to all Sonja cupcake fans). You can also order lots of them especially for kiddie parties.

There are plenty of cake shops here in BF Homes namely Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, Cake2Go, Aggy's, etc., but Cielin's a good addition to the list. If you want good pastries with reasonable prices, Cielin's is a good place to go. I'm really glad to have discovered Cielin's because now I know where to get good "pasalubongs" for my family.

Update: Here is their price list as of July 1, 2012

Click on the image for a bigger size of the price list


Here are more pics of some of their new pastries: 

Cielin's Cakehouse is located at:
Fruition Bldg., J. Cabarrus St. 
BF Homes, Paranaque City
Tel. No. 772-1650
Cell.: 0917-8621008
You can also check out their Facebook page at Cielin's Cake House.


  1. And very reasonable prices too! Thanks for posting this! Will be visiting Cielin's for sure.

  2. Yes, they're still open. I believe their business hours are from 9am to 7pm. They have new flavors of cakes once in a while so it's also fun to come by their store to check what's new. Last time I checked, their new cakes were Cranberry cake, chocolate cheesecake and another one that I forgot...