Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lunch at Kenji Tei

Everyone living in BF Homes, Paranaque knows about Kenji Tei because of its delicious and authentic Japanese food most especially their ramen. I've actually lost count on how many times we've eaten here. Each meal is never a disappointment.

My hubby went to Mahle auto parts to have his car fixed and since it's lunch time, I came by to see him since our house is only walking distance. He invited me to have lunch at Kenji Tei and, of course, I will not decline this offer ;)

 Katsudon (Php180)
Rice bowl topped with deep-fried pork cutlet with egg and onions, etc.

 Look at those onions! Very satisfying & delicious meal. 

Gomoku Shio Ramen (Php220)
Big bowl of ramen with seafood, vegetables, and pork.
My hubby's favorite. He never orders anything else. 

Among the food I have tasted so far and personally recommend are their Chicken Teriyaki, Shoyu Ramen, and Beef Curry Rice. I just love their food!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Dinner at Akakage Japanese Restaurant

Just last month, Akakage Japanese Restaurant opened its doors to the public. They offer Japanese food such as ramen, sushi, maki, curry, bento meals, you name it.  I always pass by this resto every day whenever I drop off/pick up my son from his school along Elizalde Street.  My husband and I just love Japanese food, especially ramen, and so we went there to check it out.

The bamboo theme of their resto reminded me of those taberna places (beer houses) in Batangas when we were still residing there because they have a very similar exterior design.

I really liked that curtain with the Japanese art.

 Father and son. 

 Clean tables and chairs. Decent atmosphere.
I thought the resto was not very attractive to families w/ kids because of the dim lights,
but when we arrived at around 8PM, we were surprised to see 2 big families dining in.

 Drinks were served first. Just ordered regular Coke and Sprite in can. 
(Php 42 each)

Unagi (Eel) Maki (Php150) 
Couldn't taste the Unagi that much, but the maki was okay.

Shoyu Gomuko Ramen (Php 180)
My husband ordered this one and he said it was so-so.
He also said it's a little bit oily, too. He still prefers Kenji Tei's Gomuko Sho Ramen.

Shoyu Chasu Ramen (Php 180) 
Like my husband, I find this ramen quite ordinary. It's not something you would come back for more. What I only liked about it is it has plenty of pork slices and it's enough to make you full, but it lacks the authentic flavor and the pork slices were not soft and tender enough for me. 

Well, overall, the food was okay. I won't judge the whole menu based on what we just ordered because they offer lots of other food variants.  What I like about this restaurant is they're open until 12 midnight and they offer beer! It's a good place to relax, drink beer, and enjoy some Japanese food. Maybe next time we come back here, we'll try some of their rice meals.

Below are the pics of their menu. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture their beverages section. I also apologize for the quality of the pics, but I did the best I can to get pictures of their menu.

Akakage Japanese Restaurant
34 J. Elizalde Street, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City
Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am and 3pm; 5pm to 12 midnight. 
Tel. No.:  519-8144 and 984-0410. (Yes, they deliver!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Amber's Pichi-Pichi with Honey Roasted Nuts

There's no question that Amber's pichi-pichi with cheese is very delicious and very reasonably priced.  They're perfect for merienda and desserts for everyone!

Note: pichi-pichi is a gelatinous dessert made with cassava, water and sugar. Its texture is very similar to palitaw.

Pichi-Pichi with cheese. Yummy!
40 pieces for P200. Additional P50 delivery charge.

Pichi-Pichi with Honey Roasted Nuts. 20 pieces for P100.
Nothing special. The nuts were melted and tasted like peanut butter. I still prefer the pichi-pichi with cheese.

I'm glad that Amber's opened a branch here in Paranaque because I used to pay P150 delivery charge whenever we order from their Muntinlupa branch. I'd like to thank The Wandering Boots blog for giving me information about Amber's Pranaque branch.

Below are the contact numbers of Amber restaurants: 

Amber Golden Cup (Paranaque City):  829-9999
Amber Golden Plate (Makati City):  884-8888 / 884-2222 / 845-0964 / 843-8722 / 886-1313
Amber Golden Spoon (Muntinlupa City):  862-0000 / 862-0017 / 862-022 / 862-8008 / 862-1924
Amber Golden Pot (Mandaluyong City):  533-1111
Amber Golden Bowl (Quezon City):  372-2222

Ms. Polly's Carrot Cake

My sister's birthday was held last Saturday and one of her favorite cakes is a carrot cake. I've looked for carrot cakes around. Red Ribbon and Goldilocks have already phased out their carrot cakes. There are restaurants offering carrot cakes, but they're a bit pricey. Their whole cakes ranges from Php700 to Php900 for a 7 or 8 inch carrot cake. So I searched even further and I found out about Ms. Polly's carrot cake which costs only P490 for a whole 8-inch cake. I've also been hearing some good reviews from different blogs about it so I thought it's worth to try.

 Yes, their chocolate cake is award-winning :)

 Carrot Cake: P490 - very reasonably priced!
I've added a few edible candy flower decorations on the cake for an additional fee of P35.

8-inch round carrot cake. Cream cheese on top sprinkled with cinnamon, but I think they've added lemon on the cream cheese because it has a citrus-like flavor in it.

The cake itself is quite moist and chewy with plenty of carrot bits. The cream cheese topping really goes well with it. I really hated carrot cakes, but this cake really changed my opinion on them. 

Unfortunately, my sister didn't like the cream cheese topping. She liked the cake itself, though. She said she still prefers the carrot cake in Figaro even more. *sigh*

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