Friday, October 28, 2011

Benefits of Online Discount Promos

Because of sites like, (CLOSED), (CLOSED), and many more online discount promo websites, we were able to plan in advance and able to pull through my brother's birthday last October 10. Last year, we can't even buy a birthday cake for him because of every one of us was short of money. So this year, we made sure to make it special for him to make up for last year. So we searched the web for good deals around. We found and bought the following: 

1. Only P240 for any 2 Donburi Rice Bowls and 2 Side Orders and Kushiage  (valued at P480) from Kushiten Yakitori (CLOSED)
Source: (now closed)

My sister bought two coupons of this. The store is actually walking distance from our home so it's definitely worth it. 
Left:  Tonkatsu (breaded porkchop with egg). Right: Gyudon (Beef)
I personally love these rice bowls from Kushiten.

 Left: Chicken Terriyaki. Right: Torikatsu (Chicken Cutlet with egg) 

Side dishes: Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)  and Yasai Itame (a Japanese veggie dish)
I love, love, love these 2 side dishes!

 Left: Gyoza.  Right: Breaded Chicken in Japanese BBQ Sauce.
My sister ordered these 2 as an additional.

 2. P250 instead of P500. Big Better Burgers Double Date Promo via 
This promo includes 1 Hahalapeno burger, 1 Shiitake burger, 1 skin on fries, 1 wedge fries, 2 - 16 oz iced tea. Since Big Better Burgers has a branch in Pergola Mall that's only 1 tricycle ride away from us, then it's a good buy. 

**Their burgers & fries were very delicious and truly gourmet quality. Their staff was very accommodating and the restaurant's ambiance was quite relaxing. 

3. Only P133 2 Fully Loaded Super Jumbo Hungarian Sausage Sandwiches & 2 Fruit Juices at Hero Sausages (valued at P286) Save P153! via
I ordered 2 coupons for this so I got a total of 4 sandwiches and 4 fruit juices. My brother loved these.
Turtle Pie from Cake2go - my brother's favorite pastry. (P450)

Here's a picture of the entire food. The KFC bucket meal in the picture is free! I won 3 gift certificates from KFC's So Good Contest via Facebook so I decided to use one GC on my brother's birthday. The spaghetti was homemade. 

Total cost for everything was P1,446. Not bad if you ask me and it wasn't like it was a one-time cash out. We bought some of these deals 2-3 months before we claimed them. 

It was really a gastronomic treat and we had plenty of leftovers for the next day. So continue on searching for good deals out there because they're quite worth it.

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