Friday, October 7, 2011

Dinner at Hanakazu

Hanakazu Japanese Restaurant
 (Pic taken in a moving vehicle because I forgot to take a pic of it while we're there.)

Inside Hanakazu.
Don't be fooled by the electric fans. The place is airconditioned. 

(L-R) Warm hand towels, iced tea (Php70), and an appetizer

Free appetizer: deep fried pork & sprouts (toge)

Since I was so hungry at that time, I wanted to eat rice so I focused more on looking at their Donburi menu (rice toppings). I decided to order their Katsudon or breaded pork rice bowl. Each order of Donburi is served with Miso soup.

As usual, my husband aimed for their ramen. He ordered beef ramen and a kiddie meal for our son.

Katsudon w/ free miso soup (P300)
A bit pricey, but oh so yummy! The sweet flavor of pork, egg and Japanese rice really hit my "hunger" spot.

Beef Ramen (P300)
Another pricey meal, but the bowl was really big and it's the perfect dish for the rainy season. 
My hubby said it was good and the beef tasted similarly with Tokyo Tokyo's beef misono. He wasn't able to finish the whole bowl because the beef was just too heavy to digest.I asked him if he prefers this one over Luk Yuen's Beef Brisket Noodle Soup. He chose the latter.

A closer look at the beef ramen. 

 Hanakazu's Kiddie Meal (P290)
This was definitely the star of the night! We've never seen a kiddie meal like this before. 
Kiddie meal consisted of Japanese rice, chicken strips, 1 pc. tamago (egg), sweet breaded hotdog, fries, an apple slice, and a Yakult. 

 Cute kiddie spoon and fork that goes with the kiddie meal.

My son eating the apple slice. :)

Japanese strawberry ice cream (P180)
 We actually ordered a local ice cream for our son, but they served us the imported one. 
We didn't complain because this ice cream was really good. It's overflowing with strawberry goodness :D

Our total bill is P1,408!! This has been the most expensive dinner we've had in our married life. Clearly, this restaurant is not for budget-conscious people, but a good place for authentic Japanese food lovers. We might come back again after a year or two giving our wallets ample time to recover :P

108 Aguirre St., B.F. Homes
ParaƱaque City, Metro Manila
(02) 850-2512

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