Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss

Promo: Celebrate your Event with Custom-Made Cake & Cupcakes
by Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss! Only P2,240 (9” Celebration Cake with 48 Cupcakes for your Special Day)via  

The moment I saw this deal from last March, 2011, I constantly nagged my husband on buying it for our son's 4th birthday on September thinking that it's a great deal meaning it would save us money for doing so. He bought the deal and I confirmed via Facebook about the delivery fee and they said the fee was P550 going to Paranaque. It was a bit pricey for me, but I still agreed to it thinking that the whole package was still a good bargain.

Before I knew it, September came and I instructed Michelle's Sweet Kiss that I wanted a Thomas and Friends design.  The picture on the left was provided by them asking me if this is the design I would like. I agreed to it because it's such a cute cake and I would want a blue motif of it.

For the cake toppers, an additional of P20 per topper is needed. I paid P200. When I asked about the delivery fee, the price was raised from P550 to P850. :(

The cake arrived and this is what the cake looked like.
The cake toppers were separated because they'll melt or fall during delivery. I was actually a bit disappointed with the design because I expected it to be a little bit more festive-looking like the white cake.

I also took the liberty of checking the actual size of the cake because it looked so small. The promo says 9 inch, but when I measured it, it's only 7 inches (or less).

The cupcakes are quite nice, but quite small.  The edible cupcake toppers would be better, but they would charge P20 per cupcake topper and I have 48 cupcakes. So I went with this one because there's no additional charge. 

 This is the free cupcake tower. In the promo picture, the tower is colored gold, but I didn't mind if it's white. As you can see, I've added the Thomas & Friends toppers, the Mickey Mouse topper and the edible flowers to make the cake look more lively.

Since we'll be celebrating Nico's birthday on 2 houses, I decided to buy another cake also from Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss. Luckily, they have another promo via Buyanihan (13x9 Dedication Cake for Php 345 w/ free half dozen baby cupcakes). This is a great bargain.However, when they delivered it, they forgot to include the half dozen baby cupcakes :(
(Note: edible flowers, candle, and Power Rangers toppers were bought from a local baking supplies store)

And so, my total cost for the cakes & cupcakes is (2240+345+850=) P3,435. Was it a bargain? Partly yes and partly no. 

Partly no because I just realized that I can buy 48 cupcakes from Cielin's Cake House for only P816 (P17 each) and a themed party cake from Goldilocks ranging from P600 to P2000 depending on the size. If I were to buy cupcakes from Cieline's and, let's say, I bought 2 party cakes from Goldilocks that cost P800 each, I would have spent P2416 only. The delivery fee was also too expensive. 

Partly yes because the cakes/cupcakes were customized and the taste was quite good. The chocolate cake was moist and not too sweet. The icing was also bluer than blue and I liked the color. However, it was too sweet for us, adults, and its color sticks to your tongue and lips when you eat them. 

On the other hand, the kids loved it. They really enjoyed the colorful cupcakes and the Thomas and Friends pictures. Looking at the kids enjoy the cakes/cupcakes actually lifted up all my anxieties and made me think that it was a good bargain after all.

Will I buy from Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss next time? I probably won't. I prefer to order cakes in advance from a nearby cake store.

Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss at Good Spirits CafĂ© and Deli
7274 Malugay St., The Collective Makati City

Home Kitchen in Quezon City
Casa Nueva, 15 Manga Road, New Manila, Quezon City


  1. Oh wow, looks to me that you got hijacked. Thanks for your post thought since I was planning on the same thing for my son's birthday.

    I'll go with the nearby Red Ribbon here since it'll be a pain to fly it with me from MLA-DVO. =)

    Great article!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I think it would save you more money if you'd buy from a nearby cake store nalang since you're from Davao pa.

  3. I bought a voucher from Metrodeal and wished I hadn't =(
    Here's why.. =(

    I should've just bought from a local bakery/pastry shop and would've saved more and had tastier treats... Lesson learned at least =( Will never ever buy a deal from MSK ever again =(

    1. Hi, viyahera-atbp. I'm sorry MSK didn't went well for you. If you read my blog, we have the same opinion that buying in a nearby bakery store would probably be cheaper and less hassle. The birthday cake and the cupcakes I ordered were actually good, but as for the cupcakes they sell in Metrodeal, yeah, I also bought them and I thought it was a total rip-off. The cupcakes weren't good and they're really not worth it.


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