Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coffee & Cake Combo at Serye Café Filipino

My sister bought the "Cake and Coffee Combination" promo from Ensogo and all I have to say is what we saw from the pictures is really what you get. 

FYI: The promo is only P99 for a coffee and cake that's worth P200, but if you ordered a pair that exceeds the P200, then you'll have to pay the excess value.

The first pair: Café con sorbets with biscotti
Here's the biscotti
And here's the Cafe con Sorbets. My brother says it's simply coffee with ice cream.

2nd Pair: Café Mocha Manila with Suman
Cafe Mocha

My mother says it lacks flavor. She still prefers suman wrapped inside banana leaves.

Here are the rest of the desserts we ordered with coffee: 
Apple Pie
We didn't like this. It tasted like bread reheated in a microwave with dried apples inside. It's quite a disappointment.

Chocolate Decadence Cake
It was so-so according to my sister.

Macapuno Pandan Cake
The best Filipino-themed cake we've tasted so far. It's a must-try.

Sans Rival
I wasn't able to taste this, but my husband was able to finish this cake. I guess it's quite good. :)

The overall experience was okay. The ambiance of the cafe and the staff were satisfactory. Take note of the word, "cafe," in their title because the place was transformed more like a cafe and not a restaurant. It's actually a good place to hang out with friends and family.

Panoramic view of Serye Cafe

Serye Cafe Filipino
Ground Floor, Santana Grove, Sucat, Paranaque
Reservation nos.:825.4691/826.9317


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