More Cakes from Cake2Go

I've always been curious on what the other cakes from Cake2Go taste like. Thanks to my sister, she financed our dessert treat on that day. So here's what we ordered: 

Angel Gabriel Mousse (P90)
It tastes like blueberry cheesecake without the cream cheese.

A slice of Cafe Misu.
It does taste like Tiramisu added with rich and chewy chocolate on top. I might order this again soon.

A slice of Quattro Leches.
One of their best-sellers. It's not too sweet, very soft and quite delicious. I definitely recommend this cake.

Fudge Mousse (P95)
This cake tasted weird. I don't know if they gave us an expired cake or it just tastes that way. At first bite, it tasted a bit sour and then as you continue to taste it further, it becomes sweeter. One thing I'm sure of is that  I won't order this again.

Moccachinos (P95).
If you want to eat a cake that's RICH in mocha, this is the cake for you. Every bite I took, all I could taste was mocha, mocha, mocha. Again, this one is too sweet for me so I probably won't order this again.

Toblerone Cheesecake.
Not too sweet and not too bland either. I couldn't taste the Toblerone though, but I still like it for some reason :)

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  1. Wooow these look really good!! :) nice post! hope you could follow back my blog :)

  2. i love their quattro leches! and their toblerone overload tastes good, too! you might wanna give it a try.