Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Sumptuous Dinner at Gloria Maris

On my birthday last Sunday,  May 20, my sister treated the whole family to Gloria Maris. Thanks to the infamous group buying site, Cash Cash Pinoy, we were able to enjoy Gloria Mari's set meal for 10 at half the cost. My sister chose Set D for Php2,825. 

Set D includes the ff:
  • Birds nest w/ chicken birds egg soup
  • BBQ cold cuts combination
  • Sauteed broccoli w/ shrimp & scallop
  • Gloria Maris fried chicken
  • Fried spicy spareribs
  • Oyster sauce w/ 3 kings mushroom
  • Gloria Maris fried rice
  • Taho

Simple and bright interior. It's spacious enough to accommodate a few families in the restaurant.
Bird's nest soup being served to us by the courteous waitress. It was quite nice to watch someone serve you food in all honesty. :)
It was my first time to taste Bird's nest soup and I have to say it tasted good. I'm not really a fan of soups, but the experience of eating this was one of a kind.
Left: BBQ cold cuts combination. Right:  oyster sauce with 3 kings mushroom.
I love, love, love these 2 dishes! The cold cuts were so tender and yummy while the mushrooms were so flavorful! I'd say it's easy to be a vegan if your dish tastes like these mushrooms.
Sauteed broccoli w/ shrimp & scallop.
This was a family favorite! The shrimps were fresh and quite stout
. The shrimps vanished after 5 minutes on the table.  

Left: Gloria Maris Fried Rice. Center: Fried Spicy Spareribs.
The spareribs was another family favorite! They were very tender and tastes just right - not too spicy
. The fried rice was also delicious. It includes  mixtures of shrimps and vegetables in it.
Gloria Maris' Fried Chicken.
Juicy and tasty friend chicken. This was my husband's favorite.  It's also served with chips that my son liked.
Taho served in a wooden bucket. Sago and sweet sauce on the side.
I've never seen taho being served like this so I was a bit amazed by it. It was being served to us once again by the courteous waitress.
A closer look at the taho. :) A good ending to our meal.
It was one of the most satisfying, tummy-filling experiences I've ever had. Everyone was very full after the dinner. They said it was similar to having a buffet dinner. Thanks, sis, for the treat! We'll definitely come back again.

 Gloria Maris 
Alabang Town Center Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang
(63 2) 850-0899

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