Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Product Review: Wacoal Lingerie

When Philippine Wacoal invited me to do a product review on their lingerie, I felt excited and nervous at the same time because I've never reviewed undergarments before, but, of course, who am I to decline such an offer.

I went to their office in Makati to pick up the items. I was greeted by the lovely Ms. Michelle and introduced me to Wacoal's beautiful line of lingerie. She asked me what I needed and I immediately asked if they had any maternity bra because I'm currently breastfeeding my 1-month-old daughter. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size available for their maternity bra, which was quite all right since I just bought some maternity bras 2 weeks ago, so I just browsed through their other lingerie sets. 

Looking at their collection was like looking at jewelry. Every set was beautifully made and I just can't decide which one to choose. I never felt so excited in choosing an underwear before.

Well, finally, I was able to pick two sets.

This is the first one:
Bra: Php1,245 / Panty: Php365.
This is one of Wacoal's new arrivals. What caught my attention to this set is its color and the laces. I almost felt bad that I can't expose myself wearing this beautiful lingerie to everyone (hahaha).

A closer look at the panty.
When I wore this, I never thought such underwear existed because it's soooo soft and comfortable! I didn't feel any garters pressing hardly against my skin or anything like that.

A much closer look at the panty. As you can see, almost 80% of this panty is see-through including the whole bottom/buttocks area.

The bra.
Ms. Michelle was also kind enough to show me how to put on a bra properly. After doing so, I was amazed how my boobs looked bigger and still felt so comfortable at the same time. It supported my breasts perfectly WITHOUT ANY DISCOMFORT AT ALL! Wearing it made me feel proud of my chest :)

A closer look at the bra.

My bra measurement. Ms. Michelle was also  kind enough to measure my bust to get the right size of bra for me. Getting the right size of bra is very important. When you're in the store and  you don't know how to measure your bra size, you may approach your Wacoal sales lady to help you out. 
Little do I know that today's bras have 3 sets of hooks so your bra won't fall off easily.

The second set: 
This is the second set I've chosen because I don't have a black set of underwear yet. I believe this belongs to their classic collection because it's no longer in display. As you can see, this pair also have laces on them :) Like the pink one, this one, too, is very comfortable. My husband also liked the color.

In this picture, you can see clearly the lovely floral design of the panty.

You can also see clearly the nice floral design of the bra in this picture :)
A closer look of the lovely embroidery.
Let's compare.
I usually buy my set of panties from a cheaper brand (Natasha) and there's actually nothing wrong with. I just wanted to compare the two to see the difference. 
  • The Natasha's biggest size is XXL. It fits me, but it still felt a bit smaller for my size.  Wacoal's LL size fits me perfectly.
  • The material used in Wacoal is super soft and more elastic.
  • Wacoal's design looks more feminine. 
Yes, Wacoal products are a bit expensive, but they're super worth it because they really enhance your "assets." I really believe women should start investing on good quality underwear because if you're always wearing good quality bras like Wacoal that support your breasts fully, then you need not worry about saggy breasts. And if you're always wearing Wacoal panties that doesn't have any tight garters that rub against your skin, then you don't have to worry about having itchy skin that may even lead to infections. In other words, your body will benefit from it and you will literally feel the difference.

Wacoal still has LOTS of designs available that caters every woman's taste and needs. You may visit their shops and see it for yourself. Don't hesitate to ask Wacoal sales lady/ies for help whether to get your measurements or what designs they would recommend if you're unsure what to buy. Tell them what you need and they'd be happy to help you out.

Two thumbs up to this brand and I highly recommend them for all women.

Philippine Wacoal Corp.
3F, 6788 Ayala Avenue, Oledan Square, Makati City
TEL NO: 892-5706
FAX NO: 752-0940

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chilling at Akihabara Cafe (Now Closed)

Akihabara Cafe Metro Deal Promo
When we realized that Akihabara Cafe is conveniently located near my husband's ancestral house in Las Pinas, we decided to buy this deal to check out the place.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Chewy Junior: A Cream Puff Haven!

Today is a great day because I was able to purchase two boxes of 15 pieces assorted cream puffs from Chewy Junior for P200 (P100 per box) that originally costs around P350 These are, I think, samplers only so you can get a taste of all their flavors because I don't see them on display in their Greenbelt branch.

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