Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Christening Celebration at Big Plate

Last September 30, 2012 was my daughter's Christening and I decided to make reservations at Big Plate because of their reasonably priced buffet package!

Buffet Rates:
Adults: Php 298 per person + Php 60 per person for unlimited iced tea.
Kids: Php 168 (inclusive of 1 round of iced tea)

You can select the choices of the viands in your buffet spread. Just simply talk to Ms. Jhops for inquiries.

Buffet Table.
Appetizer Section
Assorted Sandwiches(Personal Favorite), Onion Rings (Crowd Favorite), Pinsec Fritos

Salad Section 

Java Rice and Plain Rice. 

Left to Right: Slowly cooked beef (crowd favorite), pork binagoongan, fresh lumpia (crowd favorite), and steamed fish fillet 

Left to Right: Breaded Fried Chicken in BBQ Sauce (Crowd Favorite), Slowly Cooked Beef (Crowd Favorite) and Pork Binagoongan

Left to Right: Spaghetti, Breaded Fried Chicken in BBQ Sauce, Slowly Cooked Beef.
Just seeing them again makes me want to go back to Big Plate again.  
Christening Photo Cake sponsored by my daughter's ninang and my sister, Mari :) Thank you so much!

Assorted Brownies for dessert! Actually, I've added roughly around 300 pesos for this to be added to the dessert section.  We actually had buko pandan for dessert also, but I wasn't able to take a pic of them unfortunately. It was children's favorite. 

Spacious venue good for 50-60 people. 
Whole cake is Php 799. Cake slice is Php 79.
My personal favorite is their Banana Cream Pie. 

Assorted Pastries! 
I would definitely recommend this place for parties/receptions because they offer good food and good service for a reasonably price! Thank you Big Plate for an awesome Christening reception :)

Big Plate also offers breakfast/lunch/dinner every day. Breakfast buffet starts at 7AM to 11AM Php 198 per person. Lunch is from 11AM to 2PM, Php 298 per person  and Dinner buffet starts at 6PM to 9PM, Php298 per person. You may also check their Facebook page at

Big Plate

Caltex Compund, corner J.Elizalde and Presidents Avenue, ParaƱaque
659-1234 836-3832

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