Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tous Les Jours : Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake

Tous Le Jours opened its doors to the southern people not so long ago. They opened their branch in SM Southmall and my sister decided to buy one of their cakes for us to taste test:

Name: Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake (Php 498)
 This cake is perfect for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. This cake is filled with Hand Picked Strawberries from Korea.
Perfect Balance of Strawberries and Fresh Yogurt Cream Icing topped with Natural Strawberry Powder.

Can you believe how reasonable their price is!!! Such a lovely cake and they're almost the same price as a regular cake from Red Ribbon/Goldilocks!

This cake is delicious! It's not too sweet. The flavors of the cream and strawberries mix well. You'd definitely ask for more than one slice of this baby :)
Verdict: We definitely recommend this cake! Everyone in the family loved it! So if you want to try new cakes for any occasion, head over to Tous Les Jours and they have plenty of delicious and reasonably priced cakes for your selection.

Tous Les Jours

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