Monday, March 18, 2013

Fresh Pasalubong From Tagaytay: Loumars and Bag of Beans

My sister went to Tagaytay with her friends last Saturday and went home late at night when everyone was already sleeping. Early morning, we were greeted by her pasalubong at the dining table!

The following were bought from the famous Loumars: 
(My sister doesn't remember the price of each box. She says it ranges from Php140-160)

Loumar's Pies and tarts

Apple tarts
(My personal favorite)

Blueberry tarts
(Gone in less than an hour - everyone's favorite)

Egg tarts (My hubby's favorite)

Tutti Frutti tart
(My sister calls it the "fruit salad" tarts because they taste like fruit salad)

Mango tarts

All the tarts from Loumars are very soft and so yummy!  They're perfect merienda/dessert with coffee or tea. We definitely love, love, love them!!!

Aside from Loumars, she also bought us some breads from Bag of Beans:

Cinnamon roll

What a way to spend the Sunday at home! Thanks, sis, for thinking of us!

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