Tuesday, April 2, 2013

J.Co. Donuts: My Kind of Donuts

When I was still working in Ayala Land, I still remember the time when people were willing to wait in line just to buy dozens of boxes of Gonuts Donuts in Fort Bonifacio where they started their first branch. Their donuts were really good and new to Filipino taste.  Later on, the donut legend, Krispy Kreme, opened its branches in Manila and people started forgetting about Gonuts. I can't blame them because Krispy Kreme donuts really just melts in your mouth when you eat them. 

But later on, I'm starting to feel "fatigued" to both of them. If there's a milk-taste fatigue syndrome, I guess there's also a donut-taste fatigue syndrome, too. That's why I'm really, really, really glad that J.Co Donuts has opened their doors in Manila. The variety of their flavors is just overwhelming and the flavors are just divine; soft and not too sweet. Just right for everyone to enjoy.

Sorry for the missing donut. My family just can't resist taking one before taking a picture of it.

Again, sorry for the missing donut. I think this is becoming our family trademark.
Anyway,  I love the blueberry and strawberry donuts on the left side of the pic.
Their flavors and price list. 
 Thank you very much, J.Co Donuts for such an extraordinary donut experience! Me and my family just love your donuts! I really recommend them for all ages!

Update!  Update! Update!
To avoid long lines, you can now call your preferred J.Co. Donuts branch and order your donuts ahead of time and then pick it up on your preferred schedule. Please see the phone numbers of J. Co Donuts branches listed below:

Megamall - 385 34 88
Mall of Asia - 823 96 27 // 823 93 52
Greenbelt 3 - 621 62 93 // 720 26 41
Trinoma - 621 55 76 // 718 34 61
Fairview - 376 70 56 // 376 70 57
Alabang Town Center - 403 00 49 // 511 05 40
Eastwood - 570 36 12 // 570 36 60

J.CO Donuts
Bali | Jakarta | Kuala Lumpur | Singapore | Shanghai | Manila
Hotline: (+632) 844-8441
Website: www.jcodonuts.com.ph

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