Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movie Night at Resorts World

Thanks to Nuffnang and Sun Cellular, me and my hubby was able to watch Iron Man 3 for free at Resorts World last night. The movie was held at Cinema 2 and we were given free popcorn and huge amounts of soda! I took some pictures of Resorts World because the place was very beautiful.

These are the bloggers that also won the tickets for Iron Man 3 :)

Bubblegum flavored popcorn! Php100 per box. This is me and my hubby's favorite.

Sun Cellular people started the program by having a Q&A portion and gave prizes. One guy even won an Alcatel unit!

The movie was just awesome!!! More power to Ben Kingsley who did a remarkable job for his role in this film.
Here are some random pictures I took around the beautiful Resorts World mall:

Well, there you have it. Thanks again to Nuffnang Philippines and Sun Cellular! We really enjoyed the movie. Sa uulitin! :)

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