Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soy Yummy: Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy!

 Taho is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago (similar to pearl tapioca).

I got another voucher that I bought from Ensogo and the merchant is Soy Yummy. I've never tried any of their products nor have I heard about them, but because of Ensogo's deal (now closed) that offers an extremely reasonable value of P129 for 4 large orders, I decided to buy it without any excitement nor expectations. I was like, "Taho? Hmm, okay..." I actually was quite lazy to avail it, but since we needed to go to SM Southmall anyway, I decided to claim it anyways before it expires.

 Just taking random pictures while waiting for my orders:

I never thought that taho can have this much health benefits! We should eat taho every day and ignore the unhealthy foods like those in the fast food chains.

Hot Taho with additional Crystal Jelly on top.
My husband had 2 of these because they're quite delicious.
Cold Taho with Egg Pudding! Personal favorite! ^_^
I was really surprised when I tasted their taho. They're soooo yummy!!! I actually finished their large bowl of cold taho! This really surprised me because I can't even finish one small serving of taho whenever I buy one on the street. I think what sets them aside from the other taho is not only because of their toppings like the egg pudding, crystal jelly, etc., but it's because of their syrup! Unlike other regular taho that has a syrup that irritates your throat after eating, Soy Yummy's syrup has the same sweetness, but doesn't hurt my throat at all! I guess that's why I was able to eat the whole bowl!

I really recommend the chilled ones especially when you take it home. The hot ones are also good, but it is recommended that you consume them immediately after buying to enjoy.

I now have discovered a healthy dessert alternative and that's Soy Yummy's Taho. They're perfect for merienda, breakfast or even dinner! Gosh, I guess you can eat them anytime you wish because they're actually good for you. Thanks, Ensogo, for making me discover this healthy and yummy food! It's definitely a good deal. I will definitely buy it again when I see it.

Soy Yummy
2nd Floor
SM Southmall (Beside Quickly)

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