Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Nice Weekend Lunch at Karate Kid in SM Southmall

The deal I bought.
Once again, thanks to one of the top-grossing, group-buying sites such as Metrodeal, I was able to purchase a deal from one of our old-time favorite fast food chains, Karate Kid. I paid only P199 for a P300 worth of food and drinks. I bought 2 deals so that's P600 worth of food and drinks. 
Back in 2003, I still remember when me and my husband always dine in at Karate Kid, Robinson's Ermita branch where we just fell in-love with their reasonably-priced Teppanyaki meals that's good for 2. This meal was also perfect for couples. Their menu was still quite modest back then. Now, I'm quite impressed how they've grown and added more mouth-watering selections to their menu.

I actually took this picture after eating and I failed to notice that they have Gyoza Tempura in their menu!!! I should've ordered that!
Japanese Creamy Chicken Pasta (Php96).
Very delicious and satisfying! I loved the chicken slices, the pasta, the big slices of onions and the cream they used to blend all of them together. I'm quite happy with this pasta. 

Beef Teriyaki (P99).
My hubby was able to finish everything, but after asking him what it tasted like, he doesn't remember. Hmm, the meal is probably nothing extraordinary, but since he did finish everything, it must be good. I also remember him saying he liked this better than Tokyo-Tokyo's beef teriyaki.

California Maki (8 pcs. Php80).
This dish is never a disappointment to us. ^_^ We love their California Maki.

Classic Combo (Php105).

Kiddo Punch Tea (P39).
Caramel Milk Tea (P70).
Just your typical caramel milk tea.
8 pcs. Special Takoyaki (P79).
One of Karate Kid's signature snacks! We always order this whenever we eat at KK because it's really good. What makes it special than the rest is the toppings. Aside from the takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, they also put Katsuboshi (fish flakes) and nori flakes which makes them "special."

Choco Mocha Mousse (P35).
A small serving of chocolate and mocha goodness! They're not too sweet actually. It's a yummy, satisfying and modest ending of a heavy meal.

I was actually looking forward to tasting their crepes, but the cashier told me it's not available T_T. I was nearly crushed because one of the reasons why I bought the deal is for me to be able to taste the crepes. *sigh* Oh, well, life goes on.

I really recommend Karate Kid because it has everything my family wanted to eat and their food doesn't taste like "fast food."  If they ever post another deal, I'll definitely buy one again for sure. I just hope their crepes are already available by then.

Karate Kid
2nd flr., SM Southmall branch
Alabang Zapote Road, Las Pinas


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