Monday, July 22, 2013

Food Trip Series along Avelino Street in BF Homes: Rolly's Bakeshop and Eatery

I wake up every morning to take my son to school every day via tricycle and then I just walk myself home. As I walk home, I get to see all the stores along Avelino Street. This is the other side of the street of the busy and always traffic President's Avenue.

I always come across this bakery and this carinderia where most tricycles are parked so I became curious.

As it turns out, there's a bakery here. They sell different breads and instant coffee.
Their breads ranges from 3 pesos (e.g. ensaymada & pandesal) up to 25 pesos each. (e.g. slice of egg pie, slice of cake, etc.)  We often buy pandesal and ensaymada here.
My mom's favorite is what they call "butterfly" which is found at the upper left corner of this picture. It costs 6 pesos each. It has some kind of coconut bits and flavoring in it that my mom likes.

After having some bread, you can purchase some instant coffee and drink it right away. Just ask for some hot water and a cup from the carinderia or "turo-turo" at the back.
Since I still haven't eaten my breakfast at the time, I decided to eat here where most tricycle drivers, workers, and students eat. I took some pictures of the breakfast viands that they offer:

Hotdog is P12.00 each. Egg is P12 each. I forgot to ask the price of rest of them.

One order of each viand is P20.00.
Saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo? One order of pancit!

This is what I ordered. 1 hotdog, 1 egg, 1 rice + instant coffee that I bought from the bakery.
So that's 12 (hotdog)+12 (egg) +6 (rice) + 6 (instant coffee)= 36 pesos all in all. It definitely beats the price of any breakfast meals in any fast food restaurants. Lutong-bahay pa :)

The carinderia doesn't even  have a name. It's simply an open-area eatery where everyone is invited to eat with humble food at a very affordable price. This place is right beside "Pancit ng Malabon."

There are plenty of eateries in this street so I'll definitely try the others next time. Thanks for reading!

Rolly's Bakeshop and Eatery 
Avelino Street corner Cabarrus Street
BF Homes, Paranaque

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