Thursday, September 5, 2013

Foodgasm III: A Flavorsome Night to Remember

Last August 31 was my very first time to go to Mercato and saw what Foodgasm was really all about. Much thanks to UP Economic Society for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to taste all the food there for free!

So let me share with you what happened last Saturday at the Foodgasm III event:

We waited for a few minutes for the orientation so while I was standing there, I took a picture of what's behind me and that's the Turf, BGC where football players (including Soccerroo, my son's summer football trainers) held their games/practice sessions.
These were given to all food judges.

And now, here are the food businesses who participated in the Foodgasm III event:

Black Mamba
These spicy buffalo wings were da bomb! For me, they're at par with my favorite chicken at Chicken & Beer. At the event, they even gave us either milk or beer to clear the spiciness in our mouths. 
Little Donkey's Fried Burrito
One of my favorites in the event. One bite and it lighted up my eyes and said, "Wow. That's a burrito." The beef inside was so tender and flavorful which makes the whole burrito so yummy.
Flavor Avenue
Bagnet Paella
Looks good and it tastes good, too, but the serving they gave us was sooo bitin! I really should've bought one order. 

Schmidt's Wagamama
Japanese-inspired hotdog sandwiches.
Tasted like your typical hotdog-bread tandem, but what sets it aside is the mayo and nori.

These were the servings of the dinakdakan given to food judges and participants. They're quite yummy, but sooo bitin! :D They're good, but I still prefer sisig served in sizzling plates with mayo and egg.
Rich wagyu beef tapa taste!
A closer look at the Shmallows. It really tasted like marshmallows made into spread.
These are actually carrot (cup) cakes.
Monster Butter's Cookie Flavored Spreads.
I really love this one!!! I was skeptical at first because I didn't know what it was. Then at first bite, I could REALLY taste the overwhelming cookie flavor from it. So yummy!Take note that these are actually spreads so you can spread it on pancakes, french toasts, cupcakes, and more!
Monster Butter's Cookies and Milk Flavor Spread.
This one's also good, but I like the cookie flavor better.
Pastry Playground's Rainbow Cake
Pastry Playground's Blueberry Cheesecake
The Cupcake Dealer's Redamon

Susana's Kitchen's Best Ever Carrot Cake
Susan's Kitchen's Choco Caramel Chewies
Twisted Dessert's Belgian Chocolate Bites
Eve's Cakes and Sweet's Blueberry Cheesecake.
Quite yummy and gave us decent servings. 
Choco ATBP.'s Triple Dark Choco Tablea Fudge Bars.
These are sooo good! My sister bought some and after refrigerating it, I appreciated its flavor even more. One bar of this baby is VERY satisfying and already made me full. I really love its thickness and the richness of its cacao flavor. This is definitely a good find for me.
I wasn't able to take a picture of their green cayenne reboot drink, but it actually tasted good. It's refreshing and healthy.
Pepito's Sampaloc Sorbet.
This is the first time I've tasted this and at first, it was too strong for my taste buds. But after a while, my taste buds got used to it and it's really quite refreshing and delicious. Definitely a must-try!

F.A.T. cupcakes' red velvet and carrot cake
Saulty Chef's Roast Beef
Saultry Chef's Spicy Tuyo Pasta Aglio.
Since my mom always made this at home, it's not new to me. But don't get me wrong, this dish is quite good.
This is my plate during the event. I just took small bites and then put a score on paper.
Good thing I brought a Tupperware. I got to bring some food home for my family :D
That's it! After tasting all participating food items, I placed their respective scores on the score sheet and then left. I left the venue at about 10PM because I was really tired and my family is waiting for me at home. 

Thanks to Maggi and UP Economic Society for giving me this certificate and my Maggi gift pack. Because of the gift pack, I think I won't need to buy Maggi Magic Sarap for a month or two. :) 

Thank you again, UP Economic Society for inviting me and congratulations for a very successful food event!


Congratulations to the winners of Foodgasm: Triple the Flavor event:
Congratulations, everyone!

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