Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mary Grace's Chocolate Cake and Tous Les Jours' Cutie Bear Cake

Yesterday was my son's 6th birthday and he got 2 cakes sponsored by his aunt Cheryl. She got a Mary Grace chocolate cake and a cutie bear cake from Tous Les Jour.

Mary Grace Moist Chocolate Cake (P635)
The colored sprinkles (P15) and the Ninjago cake toppings (P75) were bought from a local baking supplies near our area. As for the rest of the decor, I think she bought it from Mary Grace store.
A moist chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting and layered in between with a creamy custard filling. The custard filling actually made the cake taste good. It is indeed quite moist and it's not too sweet.
Tous Les Jours' Cutie Bear Cake (P498)
Quite a small-sized cake approximately around 6 or 7 inches in diameter.  The "Happy Birthday" candles were bought from Daiso store (88-peso store).
It tasted good, but not that moist. If you want a moist choco cake, then I'm sure Red Ribbon or Goldilocks' chocolate dedication cakes are sure winners for the same or lesser price.
Happy 6th birthday, anak!

 After letting the cakes stay in the fridge overnight, I checked both cakes and I appreciated Mary Grace's cake even more. I can taste the chocolate better and it's still quite moist:

We can actually see the difference of the two cakes and it's quite obvious which one is more chocolatey :)
The Tous Les Jours Cutie Bear cake already tasted a bit dry while the Mary Grace cake still maintained its moistness and rich chocolatey flavor.

Tous Les Jour

Mary Grace Foods

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