Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dizon Farms Fruit Juice

It's true that great finds often come from unexpected places and that's what happened to me when I tasted Dizon Farm's fruit juice just inside Robinson's Supermarket in Pergola Mall (BF Homes).

I was a bit thirsty at the time, but I wanted something refreshing. I thought of milk tea, but my money is only P50 so it wasn't enough because milk teas usually range from P55 and up. I thought of black gulaman for P10 only from a local stand, but it wasn't filling enough. 

Lucky for me I came across Dizon Farm's fruit juice stand just at the entrance of the Robinson's grocery store.

I was really attracted to those fruit chunks in it so I bought the regular size of their juice.

Look at those big chunks of fruits! This drink really made my day. The fruits made me quite full and satisfied. The juice was so deliciously refreshing and so fruity, but so BITIN! I should've bought the large one since I have budget for it.The best thing was I can take it inside the grocery store so I can drink all I want while doing some groceries.

So if you ever see a Dizon Farm's fruit juice stand, I really recommend that you try it. You can really tell that they're made of assorted fresh fruits.

Two thumbs up for this baby!

Dizon Farms Fruit Juice Stand
Inside Robinson's Supermarket, Pergola Mall
Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, P'que.

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