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A Gift For My Motherland

If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

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This question is difficult to answer because the Philippines has 7,107 islands and I’m pretty sure those islands have different needs so one gift wouldn’t be enough. I sincerely wanted to help the victims of the typhoon Yolanda and Pablo, and the earthquake victims in Bohol, but I want a gift that the whole country could benefit from regardless of your religion, occupation or Facebook status. 
Corruption, drugs, poverty, child pornography are some of the problems our country had been facing.
In order to think of a gift, one must think of  what our country needs. And to know what our country needs is to analyze the problems that the Philippines has been facing for so long. These problems are (and not limited to) corruption (synonym: Napoles – just kidding!), poverty, drugs, trash, women trafficking and the latest is child pornography where the Philippines is among the top 10 countries with the most rampant cyber pornographic activities according to Virtual Global Taskforce. 

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Now, the problems listed are a never-ending loop: corruption leads to poverty and poverty leads to women trafficking, child pornography and even drugs. Some say it’s also poverty that local public officials are corrupt. So let’s tackle the one that’s not included in the loop and that is  trash. 

The Philippines is RICH of trash or garbage. Metro Manila alone collects 1,900 tons of trash in a day. It causes air and water pollution that we all know will do no good to everyone – be it animals, humans or plants.

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So what do we do? Recycle – in a whole different level! We all know that recycling reduces trash, but I think the Philippines need to level this up and I’m talking about turning garbage into fuel.

Garbage into fuel?! 
Yes, it's posisble and a Filipino inventor is already doing this and his name is Jayme Navarro, owner of Poly-Green Technology and Resources Inc., using his Pyrolysis technology.  His invention can make street trash like sando bags, garbage bags, Styrofoam into fuel and not just any fuel, but a cleaner, low-sulfur, environmental-friendly fuel.

Now what can this do to our country?
Using Pyrolysis technology, 5000 kilos of contaminated plastic can be converted to 400 liters of diesel and gasoline fuel oil. Manila collects 1,900 tons of garbage in a day so imagine how much fuel that could make in a day! A time might even come that we’re sustaining our own fuel and we don’t need to import anymore. Imagine how much money it can save us and imagine how much profits we can do without harming Mother Nature. It’s definitely the best way to fight global warming. Imagine our own garbage trucks run by our own recycled fuel. Now, that’s leveling up! 

Man pumps up natural/recycled gas to his garbage truck.
Now, back to the original question: what is the one thing I want to give to the Philippines?
It would be a 1-minute infomercial that will inform every Filipino that Jayme Navarro’s Pyrolysis technology exists and it works. That infomercial will also show what benefits it would give to the Philippines and hopefully it would also encourage our government, investors or companies ( local or foreign) to support Mr. Navarro’s expansion of his facilities throughout the country to help lessen or eradicate garbage problem in the Philippines. If the infomercial works and the Pyrolysis tech is being applied in at least 70% of the major cities in the country, then it's a major step for us towards a better and wonderful life up to the next generation and up to the next.  #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

For more details about Jayme Navarro's Pyrolysis technology, you may visit the following sites for references: 

I love the Philippines very much and I still believe we can do so much to help our country even in our own little things. 

If you’d like to volunteer or make a donation, visit

What about you? What’s your gift to the Philippines? 
Answer this question in the comment section below and if my post wins, one reader will be selected from the comments box and will win an I-Pad Mini 2.

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