SM City BF Homes: The Director's Club Cinema

My hubby and I sneaked out of the house and went straight to SM City BF to watch a movie since it was just one tricycle ride away from our house. We watched 47 Ronin at the Director's Club Cinema just to experience what it's like to watch in there.

Price of ticket: P350 each.
Free pop corn included with butler service.
Drinks not included. You can order inside before or during the movie.

They have another lobby exclusively for Director's Club Cinema.

There were only 2 regular cinemas and 4 Director's Club cinemas.

The reclinable leather chairs are so comfortable If the movie you're watching is quite boring, I'm pretty sure you'll fall asleep in no time.

There are tables in between the 2 chairs. The tables have buttons on them that you can press when you want to call the butler.

There probably are  30 or 40 chairs inside the cinema so it's relatively small. It's really like having your own private cinema.
So there you have it. It's nice to watch in a small cinema with cozy chairs and with a small crowd because it gives you that somewhat private touch, but somehow it lacks something. Maybe because I'm used to watching in big cinemas so I'm used to a big crowd. But for example, if you want to watch a comedy movie, then only a few people would laugh with you while watching it because, again, the crowd is not that big. Well, of course, it still depends on your preference whether you want to watch in a cinema with a big crowd or a small crowd.

One thing that's a minus for me is that I wasn't sitting beside my hubby the whole time watching a movie because of the table that separates our chairs. So are we going to watch here again? Most likely because the chairs are too damn cozy to sit on.

You can also purchase tickets online at
Do get their e-Plus card to get special discounts. More info at http:///

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