Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kenji Tei in Alabang Town Center

We went to Alabang Town Center because I were to claim a prize from Ayala Cinemas - the 47 Ronin t-shirt and The Wolf of Wallstreet ref magnet. The shirt was so nice and my husband is the one currently using it, but I'm a bit disappointed with the ref magnet. I thought I would be given at least 3 magnets, but they only gave me one. Imagine if I were to travel all the way to their mall and just claim one magnet?

Well anyway, this blog isn't about the prizes. After claiming them, my husband pulled us into his all-time favorite Ramen house, Kenji Tei! If you've read my previous posts about Kenji Tei, they were once located in BF Homes, Paranaque, but they decided to transfer to Alabang Town Center to serve more customers.

So here we are and this was our dining experience:

Mango Juice (P86)

Crunchy Kani Maki - P288
I liked it, but nothing special. I was able to taste the same one in Rio Japanese Restaurant in BF Homes with a cheaper price. This one, though, is bit bigger in serving.
Shoyu Ramen - P288
Yummy as always.
Gomoku Sho Ramen - P268
Did not disappoint as always
I'd really wish they could serve smaller sizes of Ramen for kids. My son loves Ramen, but he still can't finish an entire bowl of it.
Our overall experience was all right. The service was great and the food was what we expected it to be. I just wasn't able to enjoy my food because my 1-year-old was always moving around so I got tired and a bit irritated while holding her.

  • All their prices went high! Well, we did expect this to happen because they transferred to a mall so their prices became mall prices.
  • Their have a bigger restaurant. Though, I have nothing against bigger restos, but I still liked the old, cozy Ramen house because somehow we were able to enjoy our food more with lesser people around compared with a  big crowd.
 It was quite nice to dine in to Kenji Tei once again. Maybe next time, we'll try some of their new items in the menu.

Kenji Tei Facebook Page

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