Monday, March 17, 2014

Lotte Dream Cacao

Last February, I was one of the winners of Toppo's Valentine's Day giveaway and the prize was a basket filled with Toppo goodies. Now, I'm writing this blog not because I want to divulge to everyone that I won. I'm blogging it because there's  a particular item in that basket that struck my interest as well as my whole family because of its luscious dark chocolate taste.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tous Les Jour's Strawberry Tiramisu

My sister and I have been craving for some Tiramisu cake and we decided to taste one of Tous Les Jour's Tiramisu cakes in strawberry flavor so here it is:

The moment I opened the box, I can already smell the strong strawberry scent coming from the strawberry powder that's placed on top of the cake as you can see in this picture.

7 inches only :(

Strawberry cream layered with strawberry chiffon topped with a thin layer of whip cream and strawberry powder. This is more of a strawberry cream cake than a Tiramisu. Well, it is indeed called a strawberry Tiramisu after all.

The strawberry cream and strawberry chiffon go well together and the cake was not that sweet actually. I really hated their strawberry powder so I scraped that off while eating a slice.  It's very similar to the Fresh Cream Cake that they're selling, but this one has strawberry flavors everywhere.  I did like the cake (without the powder) because I was able to eat a big slice, but I wouldn't probably buy it again. If I were craving for a strawberry cake, I would buy their Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake or Yulo's strawberry shortcake. And since we were craving for a Tiramisu cake, we should've just bought the old-fashioned Tiramisu cake elsewhere.

3 stars out of 5 overall 

Tous Les Jours

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mushroom Burger in Tagaytay

Last Sunday, we went to Mendez, Cavite to visit Paradizoo with the kids. It was so hot and walking around the zoo was quite tiresome so when we were finished with the zoo trip, we went straight to Mushroom Burger after hearing all the good reviews about it so we gave it a try.

I would like to apologize beforehand for most of the pictures without prices because my basis for the prices is supposed to be our receipt, but my husband told me that when he claimed our food (since it was a self-service restaurant), the cashier took the receipt with the designated number written on it so I was a bit shocked and a little irritated. I wanted to ask them to have our receipt back, but the line was soooo long and we were sooo hungry at that time so I didn't have enough energy to complain.

Looks more like a cafeteria inside

Unli Gravy!

Spaghetti that my son didn't eat because he didn't like the smell of the sauce. He must have thought that this was the same as Jollibee's spaghetti so he just ate the noodles without the sauce. :P

Burger steak meal with mushrooms.
This is what my sister-in-law ordered. I didn't hear any complain from her after eating this so it's either good or just so-so.

 Blueberry flavored pancakes (P99 with drink)!
I was able to finish all 3!They're quite soft and yummy. Nothing to complain about.

Regular burger with cheese (P86 w/ fries and drink)
If I were to rank this, this would be my second favorite burger next to Jollibee Yum with cheese. I liked the pink sauce that they used in it which probably was just mayonnaise and ketchup. But still, I liked everything about it - the patty, the cheese, the cucumber inside and the soft buns. 

Note: Contrary to common belief, the patty was actually made of beef, not mushrooms. They do have a burger made of mushrooms, but we weren't able to order one.

Mushroom Burger's Tornado (P35)
This is probably one of the best soft served ice cream I've tasted and the most reasonably priced considering the generous size of it and the richness of the berries inside. The flavor of the berries overpowers the sweetness of the ice cream and I liked it.
They have only one size for the drinks and they're actually big in size. Definitely good value for your money
I actually enjoyed dining here because I liked the food, the simplicity of the place that gives you the "I can eat however I want" kind of feeling, and most especially the reasonable prices! There were 5 of us (3 adults, 2 kids) dining here and the bill didn't reach Php1,000.

When we go to Tagaytay once again, we'd probably return here especially if we're tight on the budget. I'll probably try their chicken meals next and the real mushroom burger. You can't miss this place when you go to Tagaytay because it's situated along the main highway very near Taal Vista Hotel.

Two thumbs up! 

Mushroom Burger
Km. 60, Brgy. Kaybagal
Tagaytay, Philippines
Monday-Sunday – 7:30 am to 11:00 pm
Tel: (+6346) 483-1330

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