Monday, March 17, 2014

Lotte Dream Cacao

Last February, I was one of the winners of Toppo's Valentine's Day giveaway and the prize was a basket filled with Toppo goodies. Now, I'm writing this blog not because I want to divulge to everyone that I won. I'm blogging it because there's  a particular item in that basket that struck my interest as well as my whole family because of its luscious dark chocolate taste.

This is the prize delivered to us from Toppo Philippines!
Thank you again, Toppo!

It's this one!
Now, I can't give any more detail about the product except that the container says 56% Dream Cacao and then the rest of the text is in Korean. I can't read Korean so I'm on a dead spot here.

Each cube is filled with dark cacao goodness! Me, my hubby and my entire family (except the kids) loved it!
Now, I have yet to ask Toppo Phils. where we can purchase this. I will post it here once I get the info. But when you do see this in a store, I recommend that you try them especially if you're a chocolate lover like me.

Toppo Philippines

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