Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tous Les Jour's Strawberry Tiramisu

My sister and I have been craving for some Tiramisu cake and we decided to taste one of Tous Les Jour's Tiramisu cakes in strawberry flavor so here it is:

The moment I opened the box, I can already smell the strong strawberry scent coming from the strawberry powder that's placed on top of the cake as you can see in this picture.

7 inches only :(

Strawberry cream layered with strawberry chiffon topped with a thin layer of whip cream and strawberry powder. This is more of a strawberry cream cake than a Tiramisu. Well, it is indeed called a strawberry Tiramisu after all.

The strawberry cream and strawberry chiffon go well together and the cake was not that sweet actually. I really hated their strawberry powder so I scraped that off while eating a slice.  It's very similar to the Fresh Cream Cake that they're selling, but this one has strawberry flavors everywhere.  I did like the cake (without the powder) because I was able to eat a big slice, but I wouldn't probably buy it again. If I were craving for a strawberry cake, I would buy their Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake or Yulo's strawberry shortcake. And since we were craving for a Tiramisu cake, we should've just bought the old-fashioned Tiramisu cake elsewhere.

3 stars out of 5 overall 

Tous Les Jours

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