Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Because You Are A Whirlpool Mom" Mother's Day Event

I saw this ad in Facebook by Whirlpool, Philippines and I submitted my details and requirements as indicated in the ad because I'm quite interested in attending to their Mother's Day event. I've actually never attended one before so I was quite curious and anxious at the same time.

This is the Whirlpool's ad about the event.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Digestics Review

I actually found out about Digestics through Sample Room when they were featuring the product. Since I'm always curious about new products and I mostly suffer from constipation nowadays, I thought I'd give the product a try.

Regent's Belgian Waffle Review

Ever since I tasted Starbuck's Belgian waffles, I became a fan of Belgian waffles ever since so when I saw Regent's Belgian waffle in the grocery store, I got so curious and a bit anxious to try them out.  In a big pack, there's 10 smaller packs of waffles inside that costs around P90 to P105.

Yes, they really do look like Belgian waffles and they do taste all right. Of course, it's not as crispy and tasty compared to freshly baked and sugar-coated Belgian waffles like from Starbucks or Tous Les Jours, but my kids love them and it's also a good baon idea for the kids this coming school year.

Will I buy them again? Since my kids do eat them mostly for snacks, yes, I will definitely buy them again. It's better than my kids munching chips or candies. You can simply purchase them in major grocery stores.

The Belgian waffles featured in this post is a product of Regent Foods Corporation. 
This post is NOT a paid advertisement.

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