Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Because You Are A Whirlpool Mom" Mother's Day Event

I saw this ad in Facebook by Whirlpool, Philippines and I submitted my details and requirements as indicated in the ad because I'm quite interested in attending to their Mother's Day event. I've actually never attended one before so I was quite curious and anxious at the same time.

This is the Whirlpool's ad about the event.

I was happy to receive an email that I'm one of the first 100 registrants and I was also selected to be one of the 20 lucky moms to receive special treats. I got really anxious what's in store for me after reading their email.

The flyer.
I really thought I could avail all 4 services, but as it turned out, I could only choose 2 which is fine by me. I chose hair styling and back massage. I was supposed to choose nail care, but I got tired of waiting for the other mom to finish. There was only one person in-charge of the manicure/pedicure so you really have to wait your turn if you want to avail it. 

The back massage, the hair styling, and the nail care services.
The curls were really nice and the back massage was so relaxing and so bitin! :D I really wish it could have lasted for 5 minutes more.

Sponsors of the event and partners of Whirlpool, Phils. :
Dermablend, King Sue, Solane, Rauch, Swiss Miss, Breeze, Dona Elena, and Surf.
Some of their booths had given away freebies for participants such as Solane, Surf, Rauch, Swiss Miss, and Life Oil.

The event started by calling out the lucky 20 moms who were selected (that includes me!). We went in front and we were given heavy loot bags as Whirlpool's token of gratitude because we have been using Whirlpool products in our home. 

So many lootbags! I was overwhelmed with its weight.
Thank you, Whirlpool!

 First part of the program, after the games, was a cooking demo sponsored by Doña Elena. Surprisingly, I learned a lot from this cooking demo such as you don't need to use additional umami or food enhancers to make your dishes taste good because most of the ingredients we use in a dish naturally brings out the yummyness of it. 

Another thing I learned was the use of olive oil. You can fry/deep fry/stir fry everything you want and it's healthy as long as you use olive oil. Most European people don't suffer from heart problems unlike Filipinos because they always use olive oil in their dishes. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but if you think about it, hospital bills are more expensive so using olive oil is like an investment for your health and well-being. 

These are the food sample dishes that the chef cooked for us and they all tasted so delicious and healthy! Okay, I forgot the names of these dishes, but the one on the left is pasta with shrimps cooked in olive oil. The one on the right is cream dory covered with egg and herbs that were fried in olive oil. Beside it is a fruit tart where olive oil is also used while making it.

 After the cooking demo, there was a talk sponsored by Dermablend about how to take care of ourselves as moms even though we're busy with our chores at home or at work. The talk actually focused mainly on taking care of our skin such as washing our face, using toners, moisturizers, lotions with SPF to protect us from the sun, and drinking lots of water.

Then afterwards, there was a game sponsored by Surf. I liked this game because every participant got a prize.

Sad to say, this is all I was able to see at the event because I had to go home by 6pm. There were also raffle prizes to be won and I was wondering until now if my number was picked because I could've won a washing machine, electric fan, refrigerator, etc. Well, I guess it's better luck next time for me.

Okay, when I got home, the first thing I did was to check the contents of my loot bag because it was too darn heavy and I had to carry it all the way from Makati to Paranaque by commuting. 
Here's what's inside the loot bags: 
There was also a t-shirt and a keychain from Solane, but I wasn't able to take a pic because it was rushed to our laundry for some reason. There were also magazines, plastic pitcher, and keychains!
Thank you so much, Whirlpool, and their sponsors for letting me take home these goodies especially the Life Oil because it's precious to me since I'm currently breastfeeding. Swiss Miss and King Sue are family favorites and the rest will surely be used in my daily chores so we're all excited having these in our home all thanks to Whirlpool!

Again, much thanks to Whirlpool for making us, moms, feel special today and I look forward to your upcoming events! 

Whirlpool, Philippines

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