Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Digestics Review

I actually found out about Digestics through Sample Room when they were featuring the product. Since I'm always curious about new products and I mostly suffer from constipation nowadays, I thought I'd give the product a try.

This is Sample Room's description of the product:

Digestics is the first probiotic food supplement in the market with fiber content, backed by clinical studies to confirm its safety and efficacy. Its dual-action formula not only ensures digestive balance but also promotes regular bowel movement.

Digestics comes in a pleasant-tasting powder, packed in handy single-dose aluminum foil stick sachets, which are convenient and easy to:
     • Take for all age groups – there are no tablets/capsules to swallow
     • Consume – only a small amount of powder, which can be directly poured on the tongue
     • Mix into foods and drinks – cold to room temperature
     • Open – simply tear off the top
     • Carry – in your pocket or bag

• Each sachet contains:
     - at least 1 billion live good bacteria per sachet
     - 4g of dietary fiber, equivalent to the fiber you get from 1 bowl of oatmeal or 2 slices of wheat bread
     - only 16 calories
• It's lactose-free and sugar-free
• Safe for everyone – even children, pregnant women* and mature adults
     * It’s always best to ask a doctor before use.

Full size: 1 box = 10 sachets
Price: PHP 250

Yes, that pretty much says it all. Here are some pics:

The product actually tasted surprisingly good.
I actually tried taking it directly to my mouth as indicated on the box and I was able to consume one sachet.

In my case, I'm taking it twice a day

10 sachets in a box

Quite powdery. As soon as I placed them on my palm, they easily get dried up instantly so you better use it immediately.

I tried mixing it with milk and the milk actually tasted sweeter.

They dissolve very similar like sugar.

Since Digestics tasted good in my milk, I now often mix it to my breakfast of skim milk and cereal to make my healthy breakfast even healthier :D My skim milk even tasted better after mixing it with Digestics.

As for the effectivity of the product, after using it for 3 days straight was when I regained my daily routine to the toilet. Of course, results may vary. Up to this day, I still continue to consume Digestics every day and it has become my daily regimen. I just think it's the best-tasting product in the market that's good for digestion.

This is NOT a paid blog post.

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