Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Okay, I were given a chance to unlock the following skills:

a. Type faster and flawlessly. b. Never forget any detail. c. Create awesome presentation decks. d. Multitask at any given time.

Why would I want to unlock such skills?

I think everyone would really want to unlock the said skills, but to me personally, I need to unlock three of them! 

1. Type faster and flawlessly - As a transcriptionist, this is a must for me and very much applicable to my every day life and career. To unlock this skill is like me on turbo mode while working which is a big plus for me. Plus, I can even apply for other typing jobs with higher pay that requires fast and flawless typing skills. :) 

2. Never forget any detail - As a mom, I need to unlock this skill because so whenever my children or my husband tells me something, I won't forget all of the details to be able to help them out. This is also applicable to my work where I will remember all the details my boss tells me so I can perform well. As a concerned citizen, if I witnessed a crime, then I can tell the police everything I saw in detail. 
3. Multitask at any given time - As a mom, this is very crucial especially at times when I'm cooking and then my baby cries.  If this skill is unlocked, then I can do two or three things at the same time while being in control of the situation and being active in mind so I won't panic. 

So there you have it. I need to unlock three skills so I guess that's 3 doses of KitKat for me!
What about you? 

 Tips: Did you know that taking a KIT KAT Break can unlock hidden skills in you that make it seem like you can break the impossible?

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