Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hyper Knox Pizza

Did you ever get the feeling that you don't feel like eating pizzas from pizza giants like Shakey's and Pizza Hut, but you're still craving for some pizza? Well, I have and Hyper Knox pizza has really hit the spot. Their pizzas are actually similar to New York style pizzas so the size of the dough is in the middle of thin and thick which is exactly what I wanted.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Brownies Unlimited: My Favorite Brownies of All Time

When in doubt of what dessert to buy, you can never go wrong with Brownies Unlimited's luscious brownies and pastries! I just love how chewy and chocolatey their brownies are. No wonder they're still around after all these years.

I just want to buy them all!
I'm drooling again after seeing this pic.
These fudge cakes are really good. They're like big brownies molded into a cake, but with more chocolate. :) It's also perfect for mini birthday celebrations. This would definitely be a great treat to all peeps with a sweet tooth.

These pictures were taken from Brownies Unlimited in SM BF Paranaque. :)

Brownies Unlimited 
SM BF Paranaque branch (CLOSED) 

My Lost Pictures of The Bread Story (SM Southmall)

I was browsing through my old pictures in my camera and then suddenly I found the pictures that I took from Bread Story! Well, even though it's been months since I took these, I decided to post them here in case you'd like to browse through them. I do apologize for the quality of the images because I was using an old camera phone while taking these. My visit was actually unexpected. 

These are the breads I ordered at that time. They were just so-so.
Oh, I remember that blueberry danish in that picture. I've had heart palpitations after eating it most probably because of the butter they used. My heart couldn't take the amount of cholesterol it has I guess.

Do visit their Facebook page for more updated pictures and prices of their products :) 

Bread Story
SM Southmall
Las Pinas City

Friday, August 22, 2014

Melona: The Ice Cream Sandwich from Binggrae

I was doing my usual groceries around Robinsons Supermarket until I came across these items in the ice cream section. The name, Melona, and the item itself is new to me so I really got curious so I decided to buy one flavor among the others. When I saw the image at the lower left part of the pack, I got quite excited because it illustrates that it has ice cream inside making it an ice cream sandwich!! Wow, I can't remember the first time I tasted an ice cream sandwich back in the good old high school days in Batangas so I'm really glad this baby came out in the market.

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