Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hyper Knox Pizza

Did you ever get the feeling that you don't feel like eating pizzas from pizza giants like Shakey's and Pizza Hut, but you're still craving for some pizza? Well, I have and Hyper Knox pizza has really hit the spot. Their pizzas are actually similar to New York style pizzas so the size of the dough is in the middle of thin and thick which is exactly what I wanted.


Massachusett Pepperoni
10 inches (Php300.00)

Their pizzas are not that greasy and they do give an ample amount of pepperoni slices on the pizza. 
My whole family loved this especially my 6-year-old son who's quite picky when it comes pizza. He didn't like too much cheese or too much meat so Hyper Knox actually caught his taste. :)

Not too thin and not too thick - just the way I like it. :)

Hyper Knox Pizza is situated in Pasay City and I live in Paranaque. How was I able to order from them without a fuss?
Through Food Panda!

Food Panda is an online ordering service where you can order food online with very minimal charges. In my case, Hyper Knox's delivery charge was 0 or free so I was just simply charged for the food I ordered which is a huge plus for a budget-conscious mom like me.

You can check out Food Panda's website at Simply enter your location and choose from the list of restaurants you would like to order from. So simple!

So would I order from Hyper Knox through Food Panda again? Absolutely!

Hyper Knox Pizza
2315 C Aurora Blvd.
1300 Pasay City, Philippines
5196652 / 9858241 / 9858240 / 09484111111

Food Panda

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