Friday, March 20, 2015

Booking as Easy as 1-2-3 with Airbnb

Every traveler has different preferences when it comes to lodging, but I believe everything boils down to these two simple things:

find the best location + best price. 

An initial response to finding the best place with the best price would be looking for websites about hotel accommodations and comparing the prices, but have you ever thought of considering renting a place instead? This is very much advisable especially those who plan to stay a bit longer in a certain place.

This is where AirBnb ( comes in!  At first, I thought AirBnb caters only to travelers abroad and lodging overseas, but I'm stunned and happy to know that they actually cater every traveler's needs including any average Filipino travelers like me who simply love to go on city staycations with my family.

Planning the Best Staycation

At first, I think of a plan on where to go with my family where my kids would enjoy - somewhere within the Metro only. My first thought would be Mall of Asia in Pasay City because we seldom go there and we'd like to try the kiddie rides at the bay side area. Malling during the day and watching the fireworks at night would be awesome. So my plan is after going around the mall and watching the fireworks at night, we could simply walk to our room where we can rest for the night. And thanks to AirBnb, I have found the perfect place for my family of 4.

Here's how:

Step 1: Go to
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 Simply type in the basic details needed such as the location you want to go, the check-in/check-out date and no. of guests.

Step 2: Select your desired listing.
This is actually the fun part - looking for the listing you want.
Airbnb gave me plenty of listings to choose from, but this one caught my attention - a 2-BR condo with such reasonable price! Compared to hotels, it's like booking 2 rooms which also means double the charge (approximately around P7,000 - P10,000) so this one is CHEAPER!

Step 3: Read the details

It is crucial to read the details of the ad because you don't want to miss on the vital details such as how much is the deposit, how much is the net price, are there pets allowed, how many people can stay in, can the reservations be cancelled, etc.

Here are further details of the room which is within my preferences. Look! No charge for extra people! Cool!
Don't forget to read the house rules! :) Oh, and it even has lots of good reviews! It's definitely a big plus for me.
These are the photos of the condo unit taken by the unit's owner. I really like the interiors, the TV, and the bedrooms! Oh, they're really nice. The unit is also big and spacious. The upper right pic is the view from the unit which proves that it's very near to the mall and the lower right pic is, of course, the swimming pool that guests can also use! Another big plus for me and for my kids, too.


Okay, this unit really hits the mark and I would love to bring my family here. Why? Let's recap by reviewing my checklist:
  1. Best price. It's much cheaper compared to 2 rooms booked in a hotel. 
  2. Best location. It's just walking distance to Mall of Asia! 
  3. The perfect unit. The condo unit is really spacious and very beautiful. I really like everything I see on those pictures especially the clean bedrooms and their cozy beds.
  4. Amenities. We can use the condo's amenities like we actually own the unit! Among the highlighted amenities are:
    4.1 Exclusive parking is included
    4.2 Free use of swimming pool
    4.3 Free use of play area
    4.5 Free WIFI ... and more! 
  5. It has lots of good reviews. Reading about people's experiences in that particular room is also something to consider because you will actually stay there. And having read a lot of good feedback about the unit is a major plus for anyone looking for a good place to stay.

Step 4. Book it!
When you're finally decided, simply click on "Request to Book."

After clicking, it will lead you to a page requesting for payment details and billing information so simply fill them up, click "Request to book" once again, and then wait for the renter's response.

So there you have it! The website is really easy to use and I actually had fun canvassing through their list while using it for the first time. You can easily filter your search and adjust the price range that's within your budget, easily change the date of your stay while searching, etc. It's really fun to use. I really recommend it for everyone -  a solo traveler, couples, families, even barkadas or companies who plan to have their team building that are looking for a place to stay that's within their budget.

As I'm typing this, I'm just glad I attended this year's Blogopolis and found out about Airbnb because this is really a gem for all people seeking for the best place to stay wherever they may be.


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