Monday, March 30, 2015

Machiavelli Chocolates (Closed)

My mom won Machiavelli Chocolates gift certificates from a Valentine contest sponsored by Enjoy Philippines and she allowed me to use them to purchase the chocolates of my choice (thanks, ma!) so here they are.

I claimed the prize myself in Makati and the closest branch is in Rustan's, Glorietta branch so there I went and bought some chocolates.

This is located at Rustan's ground floor. It's not that hard to find once you're there because it's near the entrance/exit door.

I bought the following and it cost me 4,000 worth of the GCs: 
Machiavelli Chocolates (prepacked) - P1,000
Manila Chocolatier (8 pcs) - P750
Machiavelli Chocolate bars - P150 each

They're such eye candies, don't you think? It's also a great gift idea for the ones you love be it on Valentine's Day, birthdays, or simply on any occasion. No girl nor guy can resist ;)
Price: Php 1,000

These are Eurasian chocolates where they combined high quality chocolate with Asian flavors like ube, jackfruit, jasmine tea, and more.
Unlike the Manila Chocolatier, there was no booklet or guide on what kind of chocolate I'm eating so it's also a mind game as you guess what kind of filling they used. I really didn't care because everything tasted sinfully delicious! It was like each chocolate is a surprise waiting for you to bite.
The middle one is quite obvious to be ube because I can really taste the ube flavor.

This is the Yema of Manila.
I couldn't distinguish the yema taste, but the praline as a whole is really delicious.

Special mention to this one!!! I love it because the filling tasted like langka or Jackfruit! The combination of chocolate and the light flavor of jackfruit is really indulging. I've never tasted anything like this before. I wanted more!

The Jasmine Tea Rose
The Chocolate Bars
(P150 each)

Alfie's  Bacon Bar is apparently the most popular and the best-seller according to the sales lady I talked to. Well, milk chocolate and bacon is indeed a unique combination so everyone including myself would really want to try this out.

I was actually visualizing one or two strings of bacon inserted inside, but I guess was wrong hehe. The bacon were cut into small bits and placed them in the chocolate. The moment I tasted it, I thought it was a bit salty, but it was the bacon that's making the sweet taste of chocolate turn into salty-sweet which was indeed a unique experience for me while eating a chocolate bar.

Harold's Cheese Bar.
This wasn't appealing to me as I bought it because the thought of cheese and chocolate simply does not blend well in my imagination. But when I tasted it, I was so wrong. They used Malagos Blue Cheese mixed with the dark chocolate and it was so good - so good that I forgot to take a pic after I took a bite because as I was eating it, I didn't want to stop. The bar was gone in 60 seconds...or maybe more.

Bobby's Grand BarIt is a milk chocolate that tasted way better than other milk chocolates I've tasted. As I opened it, it was covered with cocoa powder which was a great visual appetizer for me.

So there you have it! All in all, it was an awesome and memorable chocolate experience for me and my family. Everyone, including my mom who's a critic in every chocolate she eats, was fascinated by Machiavelli Chocolates.  I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Machiavelli Chocolates (closed)

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