Sunday, March 29, 2015

Manila Chocolatier: Pure Chocolate Pleasure for Chocolate Enthusiasts

I was purchasing some Machiavelli Chocolates in Rustan's Makati branch when I noticed a different brand of chocolates also being sold in the same store and that's "Manila Chocolatier." It's named after Manila because it is locally made.  I'm always an avid fan of locally made chocolates because of their good quality and taste, but this one really hits the number one spot of my favorite chocolates!

Box of 8 chocolate pralines.
Price: Php 750.00
  The box itself looks nice and a good gift idea for every occasion.
The sub text on the box says "Supreme Quality." Believe me, it is. :)

As you open the cover, a nice booklet welcomes you where each praline's tales are written.

 I couldn't agree more. My first bite sealed my fate of loving their chocolates forever.

8 Chocolate Pralines; 2 pieces of its 4 designs. 
I love the distinguishing designs that's authentically Filipino.
You can tell immediately that they're Filipino chocolates just be looking at the designs.

And let the chocolate tasting begin:

The Carabao (Buko Pandan)
This is the first time I have tasted good chocolate paired with very light buko pandan flavored filling. The combination is superb and I really wanted to keep eating more of this.

Kalesa (Leche Flan)
Luscious chocolate with a light egg custard flavored filling which is a delight.

Jose Rizal (Pili Nut)
Little bits of pili nuts mixed in its not-so sweet filling that makes this praline a memorable one especially for people like my mom who loves pili nuts.

Sampaguita (Jasmine Tea)
I don't usually like white chocolates, but this time,the luscious chocolate filling made the experience pleasurable. I couldn't quite taste the Jasmine tea very much, but I don't mind.

It's products like this make me proud to be a Filipino.
Sadly, the website is currently down, but you can visit their Facebook page.

So there you have it. They still have plenty of other chocolate pralines to choose from, but this is the only one I was able to buy. I sure hope they open up a branch in the southern area soon such as in Alabang, Paranaque, or Las Pinas so I won't have to go to Makati to buy their chocolates. It's just sad that chocolates as good as this doesn't get enough attention so now I'm hoping to change that. :)

*My sister also fell in-love with these chocolates and she said Manila Chocolatier is much better than Villa Del Conte chocolates. True story.

Manila Chocolatier

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