Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Barako Haus in Paranaque

Just May of this year, Barako Haus opened in BF Homes where you can enjoy authentic Barako coffee!

I love the motif of their outdoor furniture.
I never thought that barrels can be recycled to make great seats like these.

Going inside...

 When I got inside, it's very cool (strong aircon) and they're playing my kinds of songs like songs by Freestyle, South Border, etc. Oh, they offer free WIFI and pretty fast, too.

Loved the chairs. I guess I'm really into wooden furniture.

What sets them apart from the rest of the coffee houses is that they have an area where you can play sungka. 


My view from the inside.

 Their Menu

 My Simple Order:

My Sibet Frappepino (P190 and it's already 50% off)
A bit expensive, but I did like their drink. It has a  rich, smooth coffee flavor made a bit sweet because of the whip cream and choco syrup.
 The Comfort Room
Their chic comfort room is very clean and complete with basic amenities like tissues and soap.

I love the tiles :D

Take Outs:

Surprisingly, they have a small function room that you can rent.
Rate: P3,000 ( consumable ).

So there you have it! Barako Haus really got me amazed with its great coffee together with their  very authentic and native ambiance. It's a great spot to just unwind and play sungka. :D 

Barako Haus - BF
President's Avenue, 
BF Homes Paranaque Phase 1 (Beside Pizza Hut)

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