Monday, August 3, 2015

The Little Tycoons Playhouse Experience

I heard about Little Tycoons playhouse in Alabang, but I also heard that it's pretty expensive. But thanks to Beeconomic (now closed), I was able to purchase tickets at half the price so I paid P199 only for an unlimited play for each child instead of P400.

So this afternoon, we decided to visit the place and see what's in store for my little ones.

The French Cafe 

I have to say they have complete set of toys! Their cafe is equipped with an oven, sink, stove, and a trolley of food! All are toys, of course. 

 The Japanese Restaurant
Very catching design from the outside already. 

My kids really enjoyed playing in this restaurant. Even I enjoyed slicing and mixing the veggies in a pot. :D 

My child really liked it here :D The toys look quite appetizing. 

Complete with Japanese slippers!
The Music Room

They have a videoke inside! 
 Salon Elegante

A pretend foot spa :) 

Sad to say, the laptop toy and the ATM machines don't work :(  It's like they're there for display. 

I'm actually surprised to see a bed with the exact size of my toddler! So cute!
Toy Palace
Lots of dolls and toys to choose from

Of course, my son got so excited to try this electric car. 

They really enjoyed running and playing :) 

They also accept party reservations! Here are the details:

Here some of the things I noticed after spending some time in Little Tycoons:

  • The comfort room is also found inside the playhouse so the guardian and the kids don't have to go outside the play area if nature calls. 
  • Lots of toys to choose from. 
  • No slides 
  • No console games 
  • No pool of balls 
  • No restaurants within the building so I suggest you bring baon for your kids or you can go to one of Westgate's restaurants such as Brother's Burger, Congo Grille, etc. 
  • Socks are required inside for kids and adults so do bring some extra socks if you don't want to spend extra. 
Kid’s Pass –P 200 / hour
P 400 / unlimited play time
Adult Pass –P 50
Socks –P 40
Membership (Passport) – P 3,500 (good for 10 unlimited plays)
The whole place is really safe for kids. Babies can enter, too, but naturally they do need their parents/guardians with them. Speaking of babies, if you happen to look for some baby gears and such, check out Kokopax and you might find something interesting. 

Little Tycoons
2/F Westgate Hub, Westgate Center

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