Saturday, October 17, 2015

S&R New York Style Hawaiian Pizza and Birthday Cakes

My sister, me and my kids went to S&R Alabang last night to grab a few groceries. My son was quite hungry so we ate at the food station first. Hawaiian pizza is his favorite so I was quite worried about whether he would like the S&R pizza because I know they don't have Hawaiian. But alas! By some miracle, there is now!

S&R Hawaiian Pizza with bacon
We were so excited to try it and so we ordered a whole box for take out & a slice for my son for dine-in.
Price: P589 for the whole box /  P99 per slice

S&R Hawaiian Pizza with bacon
New York pizza indeed with pineapples and quite a generous amount of bacon strips (not bits). The only difference between the typical Hawaiian pizza and this one is that this doesn't have ham. They used bacon instead of ham which is all right with me. The whole pizza did not last until midnight when we went home. It's really good. 
Strawberry Smoothie drink
We also ordered a strawberry smoothie worth P99.
 Big serving and very yummy, too.  

Now, that we're stuffed, we decided to finally do some groceries. While we were strolling around, I found these cute ready-made birthday cakes at reasonable prizes! I just thought I'd share it for you to see.

Ready-made birthday cakes
Birthday cakes on the go! :D

birthday cake
I like this fiesta-themed birthday cake :) 

birthday cake
This multi colored air balloon looks so nice, too :) 

birthday cake
Only P419.95!
christmas decors
My kids enjoying the fake snow made of Styrofoam  ^_^
S&R has lovely Christmas decors and gifts already available for sale. 

So that's the highlight of our trip to S&R Alabang. They also have some imported candies, chocolates, and even cookies specially made for Halloween! So I do recommend you visit the place if you have the time. If you're from the south and if you only want to eat their pizza, their food store is also available in Festival Mall, Alabang so you can order their delicious New York style pizzas there.  

Reminder: S&R requires membership before doing any groceries so you need to become a member and pay the P700 membership fee.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beautiful Wigs for Halloween and All Occasions

I've always had a thing for wigs most especially the ones used in cosplays (costume play) because they really look stunning for boys and girls of any age. Another reason why is probably because I'm also an anime fan which is why I appreciate anime costumes. 

Two years ago, my son wore a Naruto costume during Halloween and his blonde wig really made the difference and made him stood out from the rest of the kids. That's how powerful wigs can do to your look. Well, hair is indeed your crowning glory :) 

My son  at 4 years old
A good wig is really hard to find those days. But now, I'm so thrilled to see lots of wigs in various colors and in great quality that they also caught the exact hairstyle of most anime characters I know. I found these wigs from SAMMY Dress ( - currently closed ).

Here are some of my personal favorite wigs that I found in their site: 

Cosplay Lolita Style 100CM Fluffy Fancy Color Long Wavy With Bunches Stylish Costume Wig

I love the color combination, the length and the wave of the synthetic hair in this picture. it really brings out the kawaii-ness or the cuteness of the person who wears it :D 

Sakata Gintoki Charming Short Straight Fluffy Stylish Silvery White Cosplay Wig
Price: $10.75 

This is a real head-turner when a guy uses it. This is a very nice wig for those who want to do a cosplay of Kakashi from the anime, Naruto, or other white-haired anime characters. I like the spiky ends at the top. 

Gorgeous Blue Splicing Pink Long With Bunches Synthetic Fluffy Wavy Suicide Squad Cosplay Wig
Price: $17.58

I was ecstatic to see Harlequinn (from the movie, Suicide Squad)'s wig in their collection so I'm sharing it here! Looks nice, don't you think? A great Halloween look for this year definitely!

Didn't find the wig that you're looking for? No need to worry! There are countless of wig choices from Sammy Dress with reasonable prices that can be found in this link: They also have hair extensions, human hair wigs, hair accessories, and more! They also ship worldwide! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Simple Yet Delightful Treats from Pan de Manila

Just recently, while I was walking along Legaspi Village in Makati, I came across two Pan de Manila branches. The store's facade really was quite inviting so I was lured inside to see what's new. :) I think it's been 4 years since I last visited one of their stores. 

Here are some items that I bought that are worth mentioning:

1. Pan de Manila's Salted Yema Spread (Price: P85)

 What I like about it is it really does taste like our old favorite yema and it's really spreadable or should I say it's easy to spread on a bread using a spoon. The price is quite reasonable, too! 

I like its not too sweet yema flavor. If you want it to be sweeter, then simply stuff some more yema spread on to your bread :D 
2. Pan de Manila Cinnamon Pan (Price: P15.00 )

It's simply a soft and huge pandesal smothered in lots and lots of cinnamon and let me tell you, it really works! My son ( a picky eater) who loves cinnamon rolls would sometimes complain how the cinnamon rolls were too thick in texture and he also doesn't like raisins. Well, when he tasted this cinnamon pan, he really loved it and finished the whole bread! 


Like I said, it's simply pandesal with cinnamon, but it really does taste good. Perfect for coffee. 


3. Chocolate con Nueces (3-in-1 Chocolate with Roasted Peanuts)
Price: P18.00 per sachet.

It's like drinking choc-nut and I love it! I was actually expecting some little bits of nuts to chew on while drinking it, but there's none. The taste of chocolate and nuts really blended well, thus, giving me a nice hot cup of eccentric chocolate.

Note: Just be sure to use just a small coffee cup when you drink one for maximum satisfaction. Before, I used a big mug for it thinking that it would be enough, but it tasted bland because there was too much water used.

Well, that's just about it. Of course, the usual bestsellers are still there such as the Pesto Cheese Sticks, Ensaymada, and I was also delighted to see some donuts displayed in their shop which I failed to take a picture because I left my phone at home. T_T

Well, a short stop at Pan de Manila was really nice & pleasant, and I do recommend that you do visit them when you have the time because they might have something that you want in terms of bread, bread spreads, and beyond :D They're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Pan de Manila

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