Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Noche Buena Feast 2015

Every year, my mom prepares for a really delicious Noche Buena dinner for us. That's her way of showing her love for us and we really do appreciate it very much by eating all of her dishes ^_^ We love you, mom! This year, this is what she prepared for us: 


Grilled Garlic Prawns
Chicken Salad
Purefoods Ham
*This is a must every year for us. 

Purefoods Chicken Ham
*Tasted like pork ham actually. The meat was sweet and tender, a great alternative to pork ham if you're not allowed to eat pork :) 
Home-made Pineapple Meringue cake 

Pandan Crepe with Fruit Salad filling

Brownies with strawberries and cream on top
And here are gifts that we received from friends: 

Fruit Cake

Cassava cake from Via Mare
*I actually from a Noche Buena package from Via Mare and promised to deliver it by December 24, but since they had problems with their courier, it wasn't delivered. Addie, their representative, delivered this at our home on Christmas eve just to say sorry for the delay which I humbly accepted. Their Cassava cake is actually good. 

That's all, folks! I will be posting our Media Noche dinner next. :) 

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