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Get Unlimited Health Care with PhilCare

Our health is generally one of the most common things that are taken for granted. Personally speaking, when I  don’t feel any pain, thinking about my health and well-being is the last thing that comes to my mind especially during my younger days. 

But when I became a mom, my perception of healthcare changed enormously. Ever since my first child, Nico, was born, we would go to his pediatrician once a month to monitor his health until he was 2 years old. Of course, additional visits occur when Nico gets sick. 
My two beautiful children, Nico & Agnes

When my second child, Agnes, was born, it’s also the same story when it comes to her pedia check-ups. So for Nico alone, we spent a whooping Php5,400 (450 consultation fee  x 12 months)  per year for his monthly check-ups only, excluding emergency visits. 

Let’s face it. As much as we want the best for our loved ones, doctor visitations cost money. Sometimes when we don’t have enough cash, we try to self-medicate ourselves and hope for the best that generally ends up going to the doctor anyways. When our child gets sick, it eats away our savings  because these things happen unexpectedly. 

The good news is we can do something about it by being prepared. It is very important and it is wise to be prepared for such inevitability to prevent bigger problems from happening. If a sick child or a person is not properly treated immediately, complications may arise thus making the situation worse for everyone involved.  So how do we prepare for it? By having a PhilCare Prepaid UnliConsult Card

What is a PhilCare UnliConsult Health Card?
A PhilCare health card allows you to avail of consultation services from its national network of medical specialists, and dentists in any of PhilCare’s accredited hospital or clinics for one year. In a nutshell, you don’t need to pay for cash whenever you visit their accredited doctor.

Types of PhilCare UnliConsult Health Cards

PhilCare currently has three types of health cards that offers the following: 

Unlimited medical and dental consultation for kids ages 1 to 17.
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   Unlimited medical and dental consultation for adults ages 18 to 64
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Unlimited medical and dental consultation for senior citizens ages 65+

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Do I need a PhilCare UnliConsult Health Card? 

My answer is a definite yes. 

Let’s do the math. I mentioned earlier that our monthly check-ups with our son’s pedia alone costs Php5,400 excluding emergency  check-ups.  But if I purchase PhilCare UnliConsult Card for Kids that only costs a one-time payment of Php3,700 nett that’s good for a whole year with unlimited consultations with their accredited pediatricians AND accredited dentists, then I would save thousands of  pesos if I were to add emergency visits with our pedia and dental visitations. 

It’s really a good thing that they included dental consults because my son is already at the age where his permanent teeth starts to grow and his baby teeth starts to fall off. Thanks to PhilCare UnliConsult card, I can consult with a dentist to monitor my son’s dental health. 

Since we, Filipinos, are generally budget-conscious , family-oriented, and for some reason loves unlimited service such as unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited food (buffets), etc., this is indeed the health card catered for us where PhilCare provides unlimited consult. I definitely recommend getting these prepaid UnliConsult cards so we are always prepared whenever sickness strikes any member of our family. 

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