Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our Sunday Buffet Dinner at The Pantry

Last year, we had the opportunity to eat a wonderful buffet breakfast at Dusit's all-day dining restaurant, Basix. But now, Basix no longer exist as they replaced it with a new restaurant called "The Pantry." Luckily, I still have my free buffet dinner voucher good for 2 from my Dusit Wine & Dine membership so we had the chance to discover what The Pantry offers for simple diners like us. Without the voucher, a dinner for two would cost us around Php2,800. Kids 5 years and below eat for free.

The Pantry's facade.
It looks very inviting especially after seeing those desserts being displayed.
I always love wood furniture and interiors because it gives a homey atmosphere to the place. On the other hand, I did notice that the place is a bit smaller or should I say it accommodates less diners than Basix did.
The Food:

I only saw shrimps...and nothing more.
Only a few bread selection. I wasn't able to taste one unfortunately.

I took two slices of pizza and they both tasted like they're baked fresh from the oven. The dough was soft and chewy, and they're actually flavorful. They're not bland unlike the ones I've tasted from other buffets.
*They also have a pasta section where you can request the assigned chef to make it for you.

Some choice of toppings for your pasta/pizza
Indian Food
Roast Beef and Lamb Meat. This is the reason why I became full so soon. I ate plenty of slices of these meats. I had a few slices, had them cooked, and they were juicy, tender, and flavorful just the way I like it.
Lamb Shawarma.
I really wish I tasted one.
I tasted these three and they all tasted distinctively delicious. The pink ones on the right tasted salty sweet, but it gives a different  but delicious kick from the sweet selections.


I don't know the name, but the dessert served in glass (upper right) that tasted like pandan Panna Cotta were really delicious - not too sweet, but "creamyliciously" good.

Sadly, that's all the pictures I have. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't serve any Japanese maki or sushi. I also didn't see any crepes nor chocolate fountain for the kids. But I did notice that all the food served on their buffet selections (that I tasted) were good and tasty. I did not taste any food that was bland. So even though they have a smaller selection of food compared to Basix, I think they focused on improving the quality and taste of their food from appetizers to desserts so thumbs up to that. 

The Pantry
Ground Floor
Dusit Thani, Manila 
Tel. No. 238-8888

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