Friday, June 24, 2016

Baga Manila in BF Homes

I was doing some errands with my little tot and I saw lots of stalls outside Tropical Hut along Aguirre Avenue. I found out that the organization behind this little food celebration is Baga Manila. They've also organized lots of grilling events namely in Lakefront, Laguna, Daang Hari, QC just to name a few. I got curious with what they had to offer so I checked out some of the stalls.

Here are some pictures I took with my MyPhone32:

Pork BBQ, hotdogs, isaw  (chicken intestines)  - all ready for grilling

Slider Burgers
Nachos! I remember the tacos were 3 pieces for P100. I forgot how much the tacos were. It ranges from P120-P140. 


Generous slices of grilled squid/beef, with a cup of rice with egg on top topped with onions.
One plate is P140.
Sad to say, that's all the pictures I have because it started to rain a bit and I have my little daughter with me so I went home. As I recall, there were also tapas, grilled pork, lots of different beverages (though I'm not sure if there's beer because I didn't see any), etc. Check them out at Tropical Hut's parking area from 5PM onwards. 

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